Our favorite MM authors a.k.a. castaways are asked, what books, songs and luxury item would they take to a desert island?

This is a new monthly series inspired by LezReviewBooks.com’s ‘Desert Island Books’, which in turn is based on BBC’s ‘Desert Island Discs’.

The rules are fairly simple:

List up to ten books, a playlist and one luxury item that you couldn’t do without on a desert island.

Any type of book can be selected, but I ask that at least half are LGBT+ books. Choices should be justified in a paragraph or two. Any number of songs and any type of music is allowed. The luxury item must be inanimate and of no use in escaping the island or allowing communication from outside.

Let’s welcome our October castaway, V.L. Locey!

Hello there! I’m so excited to be here at Never Hollowed by the Stare. It’s one of my biggest joys to be able to not only write books but to be able to talk about them as well! I’m thrilled to be taking part in the Desert Island Castaways here on Never Hollow’s blog. I’ve been asked to list up to ten of my favorite books, a playlist, and a luxury item that I couldn’t do without. No small feat by any means but here we go…


I’d have to have my Kindle with me with a solar battery attached. Don’t think they make one of those yet so hop to it Amazon! I’m stuck on an island here!

The books that I’d like to have along with me would be too numerous to list so I picked a few of my favorites to share. I’d start off with Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin. These were some of the first LGBT books that I ever read and they left an enduring impression on me. As did Call Me by Your Name by Andre Acimen and The Song of Achilles written by Madeline Miller. I’d have to have the Percy Jackson books as I’m a huge Greek mythology fan. And for pure sizzle I’d bring along the Black Dagger Brotherhood books. By J.R. Ward. The first ten or so of those books I’ve read numerous times – as I have most the books on this list – but they remain one of my most beloved paranormal romance reads. #teamV #teamqhuinnandblay


As for a playlist it would have to be Tea for the Tillerman from Cat Stevens. I’ve been listening to that album for years on end and cannot imagine I will ever tire of it.


And I guess my luxury item would be the Kindle with solar battery attachment.

Thanks for spending a bit of time with me as we talk books and tunes. Have a marvelous day!

V.L. Locey


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A big thank you to V.L. Locey for joining us on this month’s Desert Island Castaways!

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I’ll be featuring more authors next time. Hope you enjoyed this post.

What books would you take with you to a desert island?
What’s on your desert island playlist?

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