Review Policy + Contact

Hi Authors & Publishers!

*I’m currently not accepting review request until further notice.* I’m working on those backlogs (⌒_⌒;)

I welcome requests for LGBT+ book reviews. I mostly read MM but I am on  a special lookout for ace books as well as LGBT+ YA. I am also open to stories featuring FF, trans and other orientations.

I usually go for fluffy reads but grittier, angstier ones are good too. I love paranormal, historical, sci-fi, mystery and fantasy although contemporary is a hit or miss with me unless it’s fluff or there’s some extra elements thrown in like a bit of murder mystery or legal drama and not just about the relationship.

However, please bear in mind that I don’t read erotica and I usually skip sex scenes because I find them boring so I don’t comment on how hot or not those scenes are. Ditto for sports scenes so any book that heavily features sports might not be the best fit for me.

I am also quite frank about how I feel and do not hesitate to say my opinion. I do however make it constructive and positively phrased as much as possible so have no fear.


ebook (I use a tablet)
physical copy (preferred)


timeframe for when you need the review to be posted (please give me at least a month in advance)
date of release
any other information you want me to know and/or post


send me a message below