Wrapping up spring with some good news and bad news. Or bad news and good news because I prefer hearing the bad first so I’d have something to look forward to!

So the past couple of months, Goodreads was showing these notifs to sync my account with Amazon which I ignored. Then one day, when I was logging in to GR, it asked me to input an OTP that they will send to my email.

Because I am a complete idiot, I haven’t updated my GR email address since I created the account in 2009. I have been using a 20-year-old email that I’m not even sure exists anymore.

I messaged GR’s customer service pleading my case, only to get a response that they will only send it to that very old email or I should just create a new account.

I am very sentimental about my GR account so in desperation I tried logging in to yahoo and see if the email still exists. Lo and behold, it does! But then who could remember a two decade old password?

I tried typing anything I could remember, stopping only before I reach the limit for the number of attempts. I was ready to throw my laptop out the window. I even had half the mind to google “how to hack emails” but that will only get me in deeper shit.

And so I decided fuck Amazon, fuck GR! I’ll just use the damn site without logging in. Not sure how long they’ll allow that but I’m taking advantage while they do. Still feeling miffed about my account. I’ll just create a new one when I’m over it.

On a happier note, our little chocolate business, Shoogareen, is slowly growing. I took a semi-hiatus on April to focus on our launching. We officially opened for business on April 8.

I’ve been attending business how-to seminars. One of these seminars had a raffle contest. The price is a free consultation with a marketing and branding professional. And we were one of the winners!

I first thought it’s just going to be a one time session where we will talk and they advice. Turns out, it was the whole package! We had the consultation and follow-up sessions. The consultant was really hands on and detailed. He even paired us with another winner, an aspiring graphic artist/social media manager, who’s going to help us with our marketing materials.

We were so lucky to win this! One of the first things I learned was we were doing it wrong, lol! I’m so glad to have known that early on. We’re still waiting for the final designs from our graphic designer but her proposals already impressed us. Will post the pics soon!

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  • Egotistical PuckboyEden Finley & Saxon James (4.5 stars) sports romance, hockey, enemies to lovers, rivals, humor, out for you
  • Christmas Wish ListN.R. Walker (4 stars) contemporary romance, holiday, small town, forced proximity, coming out, post-divorce, children
  • MoonstruckOnley James (4 stars) murder mystery, suspense, thriller, dark, age gap, opposites attract, in the closet, vigilantism, doctor, mechanic, billionaire, psychopath, crime
  • Thick As ThievesLucy Lennox (4 stars) contemporary romance, friends to lovers, gay for you, childhood friend, bisexual awakening, slow burn, small town


  • The Kidnapping Of Roan SinclairAshlyn Drewek (5 stars) Stockholm Syndrome, dark, violence, bratva, organized crime, grumpy, sunshine, in the closet, musician, torture, homophobia
  • The Vengeance Of Roan SinclairAshlyn Drewek (4.5 stars) hurt comfort, PTSD, dark, established couple, sunshine, grumpy, revenge, violence torture, bratva, musician, organized crime
  • Fractured SoulsAva Marie Salinger (4 stars) urban fantasy, paranormal, angels, demons, magic users, magic, post-apocalyptic, enemies to lovers, workplace romance
  • ChrysalisS.E. Harmon (4 stars) suspense, thriller, action, mystery, amnesia, second chance, doctor, sci fi, crime, assassin
  • HeadcaseOnley James (4 stars) mystery, dark, BDSM, vigilantism, crime, tabloid reporter, architect, billionaire, found family, twins, violence, torture
  • Mad ManOnley James (4 stars) mystery, dark, vigilantism, crime, fashion designer, billionaire, found family, twins, violence, torture



Short Films:


That’s it for spring! I’ve been looking forward to June since the start of the year. FUJOCON is almost here!

Thanks for reading!

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