One Line Reviews Of Some Books I Read This Year (January – March 2022)

This is a round up of the books I read on the 1st quarter of this year that I’m too lazy to do a full review.

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A Very Genre Christmas – Kim Fielding

Very little is merry in a private dick’s world.

Private detective Nick Bozic works the mean streets of 1950s Portland, Oregon, shadowing unfaithful spouses and nabbing thieving employees. He may be lonely, but at least he’s not crooked. Despite the festive season, Christmas simply means less dough in his pocket.

With the holiday only a few days away, a regular client drops a new case on him: yet another being has come through the Rift and needs help finding his way home. Maybe Evindal the elf will help Nick find something too—a bit of cheer and magic amid the usual brew of corruption and betrayal.

A fun romp that led to a very sweet and magical conclusion.
(4 stars)

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He Sees You When You’re Sleeping – Sara Dobie Bauer

We met when you were just a child, but you’re a man now and need my protection.

With Christmas Eve approaching, I’ll watch over you.
Whether you know it or not.

Because no one is allowed to hurt you.
No one but me.

At 20K words, He Sees You When You’re Sleeping is a twisted take on Santa, featuring M/M romance, horror, and the holiday season.

Hella riveting take on Santa that went from sweet to dark and disturbing to adorbs!
(4.5 stars)

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You Had One Job – Cari Z & L.A. Witt

Nikita Ravenov

It was supposed to be a simple job—tail the Italian for an evening, see if he was up to anything shady, and report back to the Bratva.

But I didn’t expect him to go into gay bars. Is someone trying to out me to the Bratva? Am I being set up?

And what the hell do I do now that my mark knows I’m following him?

Lorenzo Ferrari

It’s insulting, really. My organization wants to do business with the Russians, but they’re putting tails on me? That’s just bad manners.

But when that tail get a beating from his own for failing to tell them everything he knows about me, I know something is up.

Now we’re both in way over our heads. Our only hope is working together.

And even then, I’m not so sure we’re getting out of this.

CW: On-page drug use, active addiction, graphic violence, suicidal ideation, domestic abuse. 

Not the most intense offering from this brilliant author duo but brought up a notch by the always excellent narration of Michael Ferraiuolo.
(3.5 stars)

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Ashes & Dust: All Fire Up – Jenn Burke

Once bitten. Twice burned. Forever bonded.

Don’t miss this riveting and romantic spin-off series from Jenn Burke, author of Not Dead Yet.

Paranormals are dying. All over the city, with no explanation and only one thing in common: their magic is missing.

Vampire and private investigator Evan Fournier isn’t supposed to be taking on paranormal cases, but when the murderer hits close to home, he agrees to look into it. The last thing he expects is to become a target himself—and then to become irrevocably bonded to the man who just tried to kill him.

With his memory gone and his soul bonded to a stranger, former firefighter Colin Zhang wants to be anywhere else. He doesn’t have a damn clue why he just tried to kill Evan, and he didn’t even know about magic until just now. The sooner he can get back to his real life, the better.

But every time either of them tries to leave, pure agony stops them short. Forced to work with Evan or suffer the consequences, Colin must excavate the secrets buried in his missing memories while battling two rising threats: the conspiracy behind the murder, and his mutual attraction to the bond mate he never wanted.

Love the twist on the fated mates trope and the Canadian setting but found the story too lukewarm to bother with the rest of the series.
(3 stars)

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Four Bears Construction: Drilled – K.M. Neuhold

A month in a remote cabin with the last man I ever expected to see again? I can’t decide if I should punch him or drill him. It might end up being both.

After more than a decade, the last person I expected to see walk into the Four Bears Construction offices as a new hire was Ridge.

He was my first crush, and my first heartbreak when he started dating my sister. When he left her at the altar without so much as a note, I wrote him off for good.

No amount of excuses and explanations can erase what he did. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. But when we end up being sent to a remote campground alone to spend a month rebuilding the cabins, it’s too easy to remember why I fell for him in the first place.

I know the guys are all taking bets on how long it takes us to start playing with each other’s tools.

It’s going to be a long month.

*** Drilled is a forced proximity, best friends-to-enemies-to-lovers, hilarious and steamy, final book in the Four Bears Construction series. It can be read as a stand alone but you won’t want to miss this whole hilarious and hot series. No bear shifters, only the other kind of burly, hairy bears

Not strongest conclusion to this hilarious series but this frenemies to lovers romance still delivered all the steam, humor and crazy antics we love about the Bears
(3.5 stars)

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West Coasts Forensics: Real Danger – Elle Keaton

How can one man be so incredibly frustrating but so sexy at the same time?
Ryder knows two things. Tragedy can strike at any moment so you have to hold tightly to the gifts life gives you. And, Shay is one of those gifts. To Ryder their fifteen-year age difference is nothing, Shay is the man he wants. Now he just needs an opportunity to plead his case with the sexy lawyer.

He gets his chance when Shay asks him to assist on a case involving a missing person, but the investigation quickly turns perilous. A stomach-churning rollercoaster ride of what the hell is going on, puts both men in danger—but from whom?

Will the two get their chance at love, or will a brutal criminal tear the future from their grasp?

age difference, thriller, Criminal Minds meets Rockford Files, tragic past, medium+ heat, reluctant lover, persistent courtship 4tw.

Real Danger, second in the West Coast Forensics series is a dual POV, age-gap, m/m romantic suspense following Shay and Ryder as they fight for their HEA.

Much-anticipated but sadly disappointing in its failure to hold my attention.
(2.5 stars)

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Prosper Woods Chronicles: True Blue – Patricia Logan

Vincent and Sheriff Romeo are my chance to find peace at last. I’ve been waiting for someone to notice I’m gone for a long time. Until the vampire showed up, I wasn’t sure anyone could help. All I want to do is move on to the next step… and I really need to rest.

Vincent and Romeo, you’re my only hope.

Strange things are happening in Prosper Woods, California. Ever since moving here, my life has turned upside down. Some things have been amazing, like falling head over heels for Vincent Lasco, a gorgeous vampire. Other things have been weirder than I could ever imagine. I’ve learned a truth about myself, and it came as a massive shock. Most of the town residents have quirks of their own. Let’s just say, nothing is boring about this bizarre place.

Supernaturals flourish here!

Sheriff, Romeo Harmon makes me happier than I’ve ever been. He’s kind, funny, and honest to the core, just the kind of man I used to be, centuries ago. I have a new lease on my long life. Things could go on just the way they are but there’s something I’ve been asked do before that happens. I need to help Romeo find a sweet little boy and finally lay him to rest.

Who knew ghosts could have broken hearts?

An ancient rival? A gay unicorn? A crusty old witch who should be in diapers? The dumbest progeny anyone could ever have? Shifters who come in herds? What has my life become but a millennium of crap. My only hope is to get what I came for and do away with my enemies.

I must prevail this time.

This 2nd chronicle of a magical town full of quirky characters delivered a solid mystery, two endearing couples to root for, intriguing vampire politics and lotsa small town shenanigans.
(4 stars)

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Prosper Woods Chronicles: True Prince – Patricia Logan

My life couldn’t get any better or more bizarre. Ever since moving to small town Prosper Woods, California, and meeting my vampire lover, the oddest things have been happening. Of course, a lot of that has to do with the fact that this whole place has turned out to be one giant melting pot of the strangest paranormal creatures on the planet. Let’s face it, this little place is like the United Nations of weirdos.

Not all of them like me.

I’m in love with my unicorn who just happens to be the most decent, honest, and kindest man I’ve known throughout my long life. I hadn’t planned on settling down forever. I usually must move on every twenty years or so, because I never age. I always wanted a family but alas, that wasn’t to be. Now, things are looking up and all because a curious little boy has come to town.

Unfortunately, our enemies are determined to spoil all this bliss.

I’ve had to combine forces with someone I absolutely hate. Plus…he smells like dog. The only reason we’re pairing up is because we share common enemies. A reckoning is coming for the vampire and the unicorn, and am I looking forward to ending them once and for all.

And if the kid gets in the way, I’ll just give him to Justine as a snack.

This 3rd chronicle of the most supernaturally diverse town in America continues its wildly entertaining tale of evil vampires, disgruntled werewolves and overpowered unicorn princes popping out of the blue.
(4 stars)

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Prosper Woods Chronicles: True Order – Patricia Logan

Bloodthirsty vamps. Dire Wolf royalty. The Prince of unicorns. What’s next? All out war of course.

When I came to Prosper Woods, the last thing I expected was to be walking into a world of magic. Horror movies at the theater hadn’t prepared me for the realization that vampires, werewolves, witches, shifters, and ghosts were real. After six months, I’ve learned to live with it and I count many odd creatures as friends, not to mention my soulmate, a vampire who makes me tremble when he kisses me.

I’m hopelessly, helplessly in love.

When I came to Prosper Woods, my expectations were low. I brought Robert’s bones, numerous possessions, and regret for my role in my maker’s sheer bloodlust. I also brought Robert’s ancient tomes. When Sergio showed up demanding I give him the books, I banished him with the help of a spell and a friendly witch. I never expected those books to be the source of danger to my man and our life together.

I’m hopelessly, helplessly in love.

When the vampire came to town, I knew things were going to change. What I didn’t expect was to become alpha of my pack and fall in love with my best friend. Werewolf royalty moved into town, bad vampires were about to go to war with us, and the biggest surprise of all…the unicorns had a king of their own. I don’t know what’s about to happen, but I want to avoid war. With Sam by my side, I’m pretty sure I can face anything.

Because I’m hopelessly, helplessly in love.

This 4th and final chronicle of the little town where big things happen brings everyone together in a spectacular, magical melee for a satisfying conclusion that teased of more tales waiting to be told.
(4 stars)

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