RELEASE BLITZ: Glow by Kristian Parker (Excerpt)


Book Title: Glow (Pleasure Seekers, Book 3)

Author and Publisher: Kristian Parker

Cover Artist: Kelly Martin

Release Date: June 19, 2024

Genre:  Contemporary M/M Romance

Tropes: Workplace romance, opposites attract, love awakening

Heat Rating:  4 flames

Length:  50 040 words/214 pages

It is book 3 in the Pleasure Seekers series and does not end on a cliffhanger. 

The books are best read in order.


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Searching can uncover unexpected truths


Scott Fitzgerald is looking for love. Both his flatmates have met their forever someones—when will his turn come?

Then things at work get hectic after a consignment of Pleasure Seekers’ finest toys goes missing. There’s a thief in their midst and Scott has to find out who it is. 

Enter Prin Lau, the handsome IT technician who’s escaped Scott’s notice until now. When they’re thrown together, it’s not just the hunt for the villain that makes Scott’s heartrate rocket. 

But Prin has fled to Brighton to escape family problems. When he decides it’s time to face them head-on once and for all, where will that leave a barely begun relationship? 

With so much distraction, Scott must keep his eye on the prize—and come to understand what he’s really willing to fight for…


Prin had taken the table at the rear of the coffee shop. As it was early for a Friday, there weren’t many other customers other than a group of schoolkids and a couple of people on their own. The kids were more interested in being the loudest in the group than anything Prin was up to. As for the others, they were focused solely on their laptops.

Nervously, Prin sipped his hot chocolate.

The door opened and Scott walked in. Butterflies swarmed inside Prin. The whole thing had him on edge. Scott’s model looks didn’t help either.

Scott noticed him and came over. “Prin?”

“That’s right.”

Scott dropped his bag and sat down. Prin barely met his gaze.

Maybe this was a bad idea. It’s too bloody late now.

He shifted in his seat.

“Can I get you anything?”

“No thanks,” Scott replied. “I’ve got to go home and log on after this. How did you get out early without raising suspicion?”

“I often work from home so it wasn’t a big deal,” Prin replied.

Scott looked at him expectantly. For some reason, Prin had no idea how to begin.

“It’s probably nothing—”

“I hope not,” Scott interjected. “I’ve had a shit day. I’m banking on you making it a better one.”

Prin had been right. Scott was a self-absorbed queen. He should never have listened to bloody Colin.


Scott held up his hands. “I’m sorry,” he said. “My stupid mouth. I didn’t mean to sound like an arsehole. The truth is, I have a humdinger of a hangover. But I have no right to take it out on you. Can we start over?”

Prin’s nanny always used to say to him that he shouldn’t judge other people’s actions until he had an idea of what they were going through. Perhaps Prin had Scott wrong after all.

“I’d like that. Are you sure I can’t order you a drink?”

“Go on then,” Scott said. “I’ll have a flat white. It’ll give me the final hit of caffeine to get me home.”

Prin caught the eye of the barista. “Flat white, please.”

“Sure thing.”

Prin turned to Scott.

Fuck he’s too handsome to concentrate.

“Okay,” Scott said. “Let’s have it straight. I promise you it won’t go any further unless you want it to. I think I signed something when I joined that says you can sue me if I tell a soul other than a priest or a dog.”

Scott giggled to himself. Prin took a deep breath. This time he properly regarded the man across from him. His eyes were the most vivid blue Prin had ever experienced. Something radiated from him that gave Prin the trust he’d needed to attack this head on.

“My boss is Richard Brammin.”

“You have my sympathy.”

Prin smiled. “His son, Elliott, works in my team. You probably already know that.”

“Yeah. I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with him. Thick and arrogant. The worst combination going.”

“Agreed,” Prin said, relaxing a little. “Well yesterday he was booking a holiday. I know there’s nothing wrong in that. I guess his manner caught my attention. I overheard his conversation. I wasn’t eavesdropping or anything.”

The barista placed a cup down in front of Scott and left them to it. Prin waited until he was out of earshot.

“He asked his friend to pay and he would give them the cash. He told them they had to do it now. I don’t know. Saying it out loud it sounds ridiculous, but he was definitely on edge. Oh yes and he did say that there’s plenty more where that came from.”

Scott sipped his drink and frowned. “Go on.”

“I happened to mention it to Richard and he got really stressed. He stormed off to speak to Elliott about this holiday.”

Prin worried Scott would lay into him for wasting his time.

“It’s not just that,” Prin continued. “Even before that, I mentioned to Richard about the theft and he told me, in no uncertain terms, that it hadn’t happened in IT. I wasn’t to bring trouble to his door.”

Scott frowned. “Richard Brammin is on more money than you and I combined. Why would he want to rob a load of dildos? It doesn’t make sense.”

Prin stared down at his cup. “I shouldn’t have bothered you. I’m sorry.”

“No,” Scott said. “That’s not what I’m saying. This is suspicious as fuck. Problem is, we need a damned sight more before I can take on Richard Brammin.”

“You believe me then?”

“Of course I do.”

Prin beamed. He had been so sure he was sticking his neck out only to get it chopped off. Now he’d unburdened himself, he felt so much lighter.

“What’s next?”

“Let me sleep on it,” Scott replied. “Don’t mention it to anyone. Have no fear, Prin. I will come up with a plan. I always do.”

Scott followed this up with a wink that went straight to Prin’s groin. Being thrown together with this gorgeous man could be very interesting indeed.

Series Blurb (Three Books)

Pleasure Seekers is the online store for the nation’s naughty needs. It caters to all tastes from edible underwear to lube to things that are a little more niche.

Based in Brighton on the South Coast, Pleasure Seekers’ mission is to revolutionise Britain’s sex life. 

But what kind of person works in a company like this?

Meet Tyler, Eddie and Scott. Three men who are about to have the summer of their lives. 

Who says taking your work home with you is a bad thing?

About the Author 

I have written for as long as I could write. In fact, before, when I would dictate to my auntie. I love to read, and I love to create worlds and characters.

I live in the English countryside. When I’m not writing, I like to get out there and think through the next scenario I’m going to throw my characters into.

Inspiration can be found anywhere, on a train, in a restaurant or in an office. I am always in search of the next character to find love in one of my stories. In a world of apps and online dating, it is important to remember love can be found when you least expect it.

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