RELEASE BLITZ: Give And Go by F.A. Ray (Excerpt & Giveaway)

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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Give and Go
By F.A. Ray

Give and Go New Cover

World Cup Series, Book 3

“I’ve never been tied up and spanked, but for him, I’d say yes to just about anything.”

Alejandro goes home from the 2024 Olympics with a silver medal – and a hunger for the man who put him on his knees. He never had someone dress him in lingerie and order him to his knees. But now he has a taste for more.

Blair talks about ropes, about paddles, about safe words and boundaries, and pushing the limits. Alejandro doesn’t even know what half the weird toys in Blair’s arsenal do. But he’s eager to try. Maybe a little too eager.

With his movie-star looks and perfect athlete’s body, Alejandro isn’t used to hearing no. He’ll travel the world and uproot his career if that’s what it takes to get what he wants. But Blair is carrying baggage from his past that makes him want to stop Alejandro long before either of them hit the edge. Together, they’ll push past boundaries they didn’t even realize they had.

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“Are you sure?”

Alejandro sets his elbows on the table and hunches over his coffee. The cafe bustles around him, chairs scraping as patrons come and go. A steamer hisses. Baristas shout orders. The whole place is sleek and modern and cramped as hell, wood-top tables with black chairs clustered close together between dark walls. A couple potted plants add a dash of color to the otherwise minimal, modern space.

The street outside the open front of the cafe is just as bustling as the interior. Tourists pass, chattering in English and a dozen other languages. The Brazilians are obvious among them. They’re not trying to take pictures with their phones or consulting paper maps. It’s the middle of a Thursday; they move with purpose while the foreigners meander in loops like moths enticed by the sunlight of São Paulo in January.

It was refreshing returning here after the Tokyo Olympics. Alejandro quickly settled back into his routine and returned to his club. But both the Olympics and the football season have run their course now. And he’s still here, watching the tourists sweating in the balmy São Paulo weather as they clog up the streets, lost and drifting.

He turns his gaze away from the streets and down to his coffee. It’s far too hot for it, but he’s never enjoyed cold coffee. Better to sweat and have a proper drink.

Alejandro swipes his spoon through foam whisked into the shape of a leaf. The decoration disperses, disappearing into a vague haze of white. It was beautiful, but just that easily it’s gone.


He looks up, finds his teammate Manuel watching him from across the table.

“Sorry,” Alejandro says.

“I asked if you’re sure,” Manuel says. He started shaving his head clean a few years back. The lack of hair somehow makes his dark eyes more intense as he watches Alejandro.

But Alejandro has known this answer for a long time, before the season even ended, in fact. The moment he accepted that silver medal at the Olympics, an unavoidable truth dropped into his stomach.

“Yeah,” he says. “Yeah, I’m sure.”

Manuel shakes his head. “Shit, man. You’re going to be a hell of a loss. Not just for the club. For the national team, too.”

Alejandro smiles a little to himself. “I’m sure you’ll do fine without me.”

“No way,” Manuel says. “Without you we wouldn’t have brought home that silver medal.”

Silver isn’t gold.

Alejandro holds that back by sipping at his coffee. Rich and dark, devoid of all the artificial shit they dumped in it in Japan. And America, for that matter. Brazil serves real coffee.

He’ll miss it. He’ll miss a lot about this country. But ever since he’s returned he’s been restless, itchy. Every time he looks at that silver medal sitting on a shelf in his house he can’t help remembering that it isn’t gold, that even his best efforts weren’t enough to make it gold. Carter and Mateo were the better players, not just that day but throughout most of the games. They beat him through talent and coordination. That’s all there is to it.

Alejandro isn’t bitter about it. He’d love to sit down with those freaks and go through the game frame by frame, pick it apart in the kind of excruciating detail only people like the three of them have any tolerance for.

But losing to those two left a lingering fire inside Alejandro. What could have been if he had a Carter the way Mateo did? What would the final score have been if Alejandro had someone so incredibly in sync with his every play?

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F.A. Ray started writing as a child and never really stopped. They currently live in the Pacific Northwest with their partner and any stray cat kind enough to visit. You can find them on Twitter at @faraywrites or at faraywrites.weebly.com.

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