1. Bakeneko Katatte SourouHayane Dento

 Perfect balance of fluff, comedy, cats, angst, and drama.

2. Hoshizora wo Mitsumeta Sono Ato DeKida Bisco

The sheer level of adorableness is OMG!!!

3. Kiss de Egaku IttouseiWata Rainy

The most adorable meet-cute I’ve seen for a while!!!!

4. Joou to ShitateyaScarlet Beriko

Watching Shida and Oumi coming together is a joy!

5. Shinigami wa KorosenaiMikka Mita

Continues the glorious tradition of making the shinigami as drool-worthy as possible

6. Moto Yakuza ga BL Sakka ni NattarashiiNoda Nonda

Hella cute!

7. One Week FamilyYatsuhashi

Full of heartwarming scenes.

8. Konokoi wa UnmeijanaiYamada Yugi

The plot was well-executed, the romantic development, slow but wonderfully done.

9. Cheri, My Destiny!Okoge Mochino

Cute and super fun!

10. Cut-Over CriteriaOmugi Koala

Fluffy and super adorbs

Hope you enjoyed this list!
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What are your top manga of 2022?

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