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MANGA: Kiss de Egaku Ittousei

Kiss de Egaku Ittousei – Wata Rainy

Chitose can’t take his eyes off the guy from the class next door, dozing off in class by the window. Each time Chitose leans out the window to sneak a look at him, he’s always there, dozing off as expected. His name – Seno. He’s a year older, but according to rumours, he was absent for a year because he was involved in a fight. Chitose is a friendly and sweet-hearted high-schooler and Seno is a mysterious guy. The two polar opposites gradually open their hearts to each other… A chaotic and heartwarming school-love between a cheery puppy and a questionable grade repeater.

The most adorable meet-cute I’ve seen for a while!!!!

A First-Magnitude Star Drawn by Kissing starts when Chitose glimpsed another boy sleeping by the window. One day, the boy caught him staring, and they started talking via notes. Completely entranced, Chitose set out to know more about the mysterious boy who seemed to be subject of some nasty rumors.

This is a dog energy/cat energy pairing. Chitose is a cheerful, genki individual who blurts out whatever he’s thinking. Seno has a cool, aloof manner and speaks only when needed. I love his eyes! The two became friends because Chitose is irresistibly friendly. It didn’t take long for him to realize he was in love with Seno.

This has mentions of rape and abuse that caused trauma to Seno and made him keep everyone at arm’s length. However, the story is generally fluffy and light-hearted, with some emotional moments. The characters are adorable, and I adore how they adore each other! Chitose’s boundless energy and unbridled joy just being with Seno is contagious! I loved how he drew Seno out of his shell and earned his trust. The scene where the title was based was ♡♡♡!

The best supporting character is their art teacher. Sensei made his students draw each other. His comments on Chitose’s and Seno’s graded artworks were gold!

My only complaint was how the characters proportions looked. I was surprised to learn how tall Chitose actually was. All the while, he looked smaller while Seno was drawn to look tall.

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