1. Presidential Chaos – Saxon James

One of the swooniest, most delicious, squee-tastic execution of he fell first, he fell harder!!!

Full review here.

Soundtrack: Sweet Chaos by Day6

2. Panopolis by Cazi Z

Action-packed, sometimes sweet, thought-provoking, and uniquely fascinating take on heroes and villains. A potent reminder that with great powers comes great headaches.

Full review here.

Soundtrack: Villains by Delta Spirit
Soundtrack: How Villains Are Made by Madelen Duke

3. The Kidnapping Of Roan Sinclair – Ashlyn Drewek

One of the best Stockholm Syndrome romances!

Full review here.

Soundtrack: Captivate You by Marmozets

4. Dearest Milton James & Dearest Malachi Keogh by N.R. Walker

 A magical, poignant, feel-good tale of love and friendship definitely worth writing home about.

Full review here.

Soundtrack: Dearest by The Black Keys
Soundtrack: My Dear by The Tallest Man On Earth

5. Savage Rivals – Becca Steele

Perfectly captures the blurring line between love and hate, and the bliss thereafter, in all their breathtaking glory, I exploded in a puff of squees!

Full review here.

Soundtrack: War of Hearts by Ruelle

6. Play Dirty – Onley James & Neve Wilder


Full review here.

Soundtrack: Fall Together by Temper Trap

7. Raven’s Hart – Davidson King

My jaw dropped to the floor at the revelations!

Full review here.

Soundtrack: You by Tally Hall

8. The Devil You Know – Morgan Brice

Deeply moving, deftly executed and so far, the best book of the series.

Full review here.

Soundtrack: A Thousand Lives by The Murder Capital

9. King’s Virtuous Son – Ki Brightly & M.D. Gregory

Part coming-of-age, part fairy tale, 100% biker badass, 100% Irish charm.

Full review here.

Soundtrack: Ride by Clans

10. The Doctor – C.S. Poe

A deeply emotional journey and a thrill ride that never ever loses steam!

Full review here.

Soundtrack: Awaken (Feel Alive) by Big Wild & Surfaces

Bonus: Winter Of The Owl – Iris Foxglove

Immersive, compelling, and hella squee-tastic, it may be set in the dead of winter but it certainly warms the heart.

Full review here.

Soundtrack: The White Owl Of Winter by MIKL

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Hope you enjoyed this list!

What books made it to your top 10 in 2022?

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