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    MANGA: Moto Yakuza ga BL Sakka ni Nattarashii 

    Moto Yakuza ga BL Sakka ni Nattarashii – Noda Nonda

    A fearless Yakuza named Sudou decides to leave his life of crime when he finds out his clan is disbanding. However, his strong sense of justice and huge tattoos intefere with this goal, and he struggles to keep any job he finds.
    That is, until an ex-underling gives him the idea to start writing manga.
    After becoming a big hit on social media, a company scouts him, and he… somehow ends up working in the BL department?!
    Because this ex-Yakuza doesn’t know the first thing about BL, a cool-headed, sadistic editor starts to coach him — thus beginning a tough, hands-on training regime…??

    From the classic manga about manga Bakuman, I learned how closely and hands-on editors work with mangaka. It Seems That a Former Yakuza Became a BL Writer takes that relationship further to very effective (and hilarious) results. 

    Ex-yakuza Sudou ventured into manga after several failed attempts at a normal job. His work was picked up by a bitch-faced editor, Hirose, who intimidated even the veteran yakuza who thought he looked like an assassin. He was suggested to create BL manga, but after multiple rejections, Hirose recommended they do a roleplay with the two of them pretending to be lovers to produce more realistic emotions on page. Would Sudou, who has never done it with a guy, bite the bullet?

    Editors go the extra mile for their authors, but this is ridiculous! Sudou was determined to make it as a mangaka, and our boy sacrificed his virgin ass for the cause. It worked spectacularly, so every time writer’s block hits, guess what they do.

    My favorite thing about this is how the romance crept into the story. We’re given Sudou’s POV, and through his eyes, Hirose was mostly seen as a hard-to-read, cold bastard doing a job. Then scattered throughout are one or two panels of Hirose’s subtle reactions. I realized later it was a rather clever, convoluted way of making someone fall in love. Whether or not Hirose did it on purpose, I’m not sure, but it was hella cute!

    I loved the two dorks but Hirose looks extra adorbs with his sharp eyes and eyebags.

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