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    MANGA: Cut-Over Criteria

    Cut-Over Criteria – Omugi Koala

    I haven’t heard that such a large-scale update is available at the age of 30, God.

    To Seto, a system engineer who is feared and relied on by the company because of his ability, a new graduate’s subordinate, Jin-kun, came! Jin-kun can work, but he doesn’t know what he’s thinking. It was Seto who felt the glance at random from such Jin-kun!?

    Cut-over is the transition of a company’s old telecommunications system to a new one. A very apt title for the upheaval of one system engineer’s sedate life by a very determined subordinate.

    Cut-over Criteria is about Seto, all work, rarely plays. He is the head of the software development department. Jin is the new hire, a coding genius who fell in love at first sight with his boss. The young man had no hesitations whatsoever in letting his feelings be known to the older man. And thus, Seto found himself a boyfriend before he even knew what hit him.

    These people are hardcore coding geeks. Majority of the chapters were told in Seto’s POV and he thinks of his life in terms of software development. Even as he talks about his relationship anxieties with another co-worker, he talks in terms of upgrades and bugs.

    I loved how the manga incorporated the coding theme in the story. It brings the reader effortlessly into the world of system engineers while still making it understandable to the average joe. At the same time, it paints a clear picture of how Seto’s and Jin’s personal lives, as well as their relationship, are closely intertwined with their work.

    Jin’s character could have easily been unlikable. While I admired his honesty and directness, the guy practically bulldozed his way into Seto’s life. The mangaka deftly created a balance between his pushiness and his better qualities, making it so that his obsession with Seto still comes across as devotion and adoration. It helps that he was sometimes drawn as a cat. It was pretty cute!

    One of the things I enjoyed the most was how the relationship developed. At first, I was kind of meh with Jin being pushy. But as the story progressed, he gradually won me over. Seto’s bisexual awakening may have gone through some dub-con moments but Jin is still considerate with his adored boyfriend in his own weird way.

    Overall, this manga is fluffy and super adorbs. Plus the artwork is fabulous! I didn’t think I would like it but I found myself loving the story and the two dorks!

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