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    MANGA: Hoshizora wo Mitsumeta Sono Ato De

    Hoshizora wo Mitsumeta Sono Ato De – Kida Bisco

    Miyazawa Subaru is a designer, who thanks to the recommendation from his planetarium creator friend, managed to get a job to work on a pamphlet for one of the planetarium’s event. What’s more, the event involves Amase Togo, a photographer he really admires who specializes in taking pictures of starry skies.

    On the day of the event’s private screening, there Subaru met…

    This is a pure BL between a photographer and a designer who is also a wheelchair user.

    After Staring at the Starry Sky is one of the most adorable manga I’ve read this year. The sheer level of adorableness is OMG!!!

    The story stars designer Miyazawa Subaru, an avid fan of nature photographer Amase Togo. One day, his best friend Akari, a planetarium designer, asked him to work with her. Little did he know, she set it up so that he meets his idol.

    Hands down, Akari is the bestest best secondary character ever! Not only did she set them up to meet, she actively encouraged their relationship. I loved how open and accepting she was of Subaru’s bisexuality.

    Subaru uses a wheelchair because he cannot walk since birth. He’s mostly at home and thinks he can’t go abroad. Part of the story is about broadening horizons. Togo always encourages Subaru to step out of his comfort zone, taking him to places he only dreamed of.

    Togo is total seme material!!! Also, the kindest, most gentle seme there is. His first appearance, yeah slayed! The meet-cute was endearingly awkward and hella cute. It was all floofy, and sweet, and tender until Subaru had an attack of insecurities.

    The separation sucks, but it paved the way to the most heartfelt, tear-jerking reunion ever! My kokoro almost couldn’t take it, watching Subaru move his wheelchair while ugly crying!

    My favorite part was the illustrations of the constellations. The big reveal of Togo’s message to Subaru was the most breathtaking scene. It was worth all the tears!

    Boy, you deserve all the stars in the universe.

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