March went steadily by, which is how I like things. We had enough excitement a.k.a. anxiety watching COVID cases hit record highs again. ‘Round this parts, people are getting more complacent with the vaccines coming in and/or just being inconsiderate fools as usual. So boring is the new exciting for me.


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I worked night shifts just for this month only. I really liked it. I’m more productive at night. As usual, I watched movies and TV dramas while doing work stuff.

And so I watched Old Guard twice and became obsessed with Joe & Nicky. Which means, it’s time to mine Tumblr for some pretty fanart. I found a LOT!

Warning: photo dump ahead

They’re too precious. I LOVE them!!!

Summer is just a season away for US folks and summer is the season for cons. I appreciate the people still took time to organize these events despite the ongoing pandemic and I’m super happy that they’re going virtual because that means us here on the other side of the world can still attend. I mean, I’m dying to attend GRL but I can’t afford the plane tickets.

I discovered FujoCon on twitter and I couldn’t believe I didn’t know about this before hand. This is THE con for anything and everything BL. AAAAAH!!! Us fujins are going to have a field day here.

FujoCon 2021 will be held on June 11-13. Check out their website.

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This month’s playlist is 50% new discoveries and 50% old faves. March new-to-me artists include Brother Sundance, indie pop star Piotr collaborating with Sans Kar, RnB band RKCB, indie singer Hugh and bluesy band The John Does whose version of Son Of A Preacher Man became an insta-obsession.

Foo Fighters hit song Run makes a comeback this month being a great song to use for people running for their lives. Still can’t get enough of post punk fave IDLES. I LOVE their earlier songs as much as their newer hits. Indie darlings Mumford & Sons and Fat White Family were also featured. The month closed with The Fratellis‘ latest single which is also another insta-favorite.


  • Winter WaitesLucy Lennox (4 stars) contemporary romance, insta-attraction, small town, rock star, occupational therapist, sweet
  • Right As RaineLucy Lennox (4 stars) contemporary romance, sports romance, friends to lovers, slow burn, football player, chef, homophobia, small town, sweet, virgin
  • Double Or NothingCari Z & L.A. Witt (4 stars) suspense, action, crime, law enforcement, on the run, US Marshal, hacker, slow burn
  • Natural TwentyCharlie Novak (3 stars) contemporary romance, fluff, friends to lovers, geek culture, florist, bookstore owner, animal
  • Down LowParker St. John (4.5 stars) contemporary romance, second chance, friends to enemies to lovers, angst, bullrider, sheriff, small town, hurt comfort

March is a month for contemporary romance starting with Aster Valley, a fabulous new series by Lucy Lennox. I thoroughly enjoyed the sweet and slow burn Right As Raine and series prequel Winter Waites, a rock star romance with a dreamy premise.

Fave author tandem Cari Z & L.A. Witt continue to blow me away with their fast-pace action/suspense drama, Double Or Nothing. This is non-stop, edge of your seat thrill with a super endearing, hard-earned romance between a US Marshal and his witness.

My top book for this month is Parker St. John‘s utterly brilliant second chance romance between two high school sweethearts torn apart by a boogeyman. Down Low an emotional, eye-opening homecoming and a well-earned, long-overdued, much-deserved reunion.

Sad to say I wasn’t blown away with Natural Twenty despite its geek-tastic appeal. It started quite nicely, then slumped in the middle. It did pick up at the third arc so I still liked it overall.


Standout manga for this month is the ghostly tearjerker Suki, Dakara Furetai. It’s a poignant story about grief, healing and moving on.

Basso‘s atypical style continue to charm me with the minimalist slice of life Gad Sfortunato. Admittedly, it was a bit too subtle for the chapters to make much sense to me.

Mix feels for Kimi to Koi ni Ochite Nakereba and Odu-Kun No Vita Sexualis. There were a lot of highly enjoyable parts but some aspects felt lacking.


Short Film:


That’s all I have for March. May we have safe and sunny days ahead.

Thanks for reading!


  • Elizabeth Hair

    Ever since I saw The Old Guard, I have been obsessed by Joe and Nicky’s story, I love MM Romances, just finished Wishing Tree by RJScott and will re-read The Captive Prince Trilogy.
    Thanks for sharing this great art and songlist.

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