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REVIEW: Real Hazard by Elle Keaton

West Coast Forensics: Real Hazard by Elle Keaton

They’re not looking for love, but it catches them anyway. Can two very different men find common ground and claim a future… together?


Things I love

✓ my kid sister

✓ the no-hope dogs I rehabilitate

✓ my job as an EMT

✓ and maybe my new friend Dutch.

But Dutch isn’t gay and physical attraction isn’t something I feel often. Are these feelings real, or am I just tired of being alone?


This is all Hazel’s fault. Hazel the Hazard.

✓ Hazel made me come to first grade safety day.

✓ Hazel blurted out—loudly—about the beautiful fireman.

✓ Hazel invited the beautiful fireman over for a party.

I swear I’m not gay, but Foster Jennings is the most beautiful man I’ve ever met, outside and in.

Dutch Schumach is the single dad of a precocious daughter. He moved to Piedras wanting a better life for Hazel and himself. Things are shaping up, he’s landed a permanent job at Brooch Resort and Hazel has quit having nightmares that someone is going to steal her away.

Then everything goes sideways, Dutch’s past threatens his future and he doesn’t know where to turn.

Something is wrong, Dutch is pushing him away and won’t tell Foster why.

When Hazel goes missing Dutch can’t hide anymore, he needs his… Foster to help him get Hazel back.

#Demisexual #BiAwakening #SingleDad #FindingFamily

Book four in the West Coast Forensics series, can be read as a standalone but may be more fully enjoyed if you start with Real Trouble.

Real Hazard is Piedras Island at its most charming and my favorite West Coast Forensics installment so far.

I’ve been a fan of WCF and its related series, so at this point, everyone feels like old friends. Foster Jennings was introduced in earlier books. The EMT/firefighter/dog trainer is fondly referred to as an angel, a beautiful man inside and out. He not only saves humans but helps dogs too. Foster’s world revolves around his younger sister whom he raised, the uber-confident Becca, determined to spread her wings, protective brothers and wheelchairs notwithstanding.

Dutch Schumach is the cook assisting his friend, the chef, Danylo Peters, at the island’s landmark hotel. He’s a single dad to a precocious 8-year-old, Hazel, who has her dad wrapped around her little pinkie. Dutch has a dark past he’s running away from to keep his daughter safe.

Hazel the Hazard keeps her lonely dad’s life exciting through clever antics. The latest of which is befriending the beautiful fireman and feeding him pie. Afterall, her teacher said, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

The story celebrates the joys and the challenges of solo parents. Fatherhood is the theme, and this extends to Dutch’s parentage at the latter part. Hazel both amused me and reminded me why I want nothing to do with kids.

The plot differs from the previous books, which were mystery-centric and heavily involved the WCF people. This time, it was more of a contemporary romance with the requisite meet-cute, lots of fluffy moments, minor external conflict to shake things up a little, and then the sweet HEA. There weren’t any big surprises, but I don’t think it was meant to be a roller-coaster. And hardly any private detectives showed up.

This was a more laidback slice-of-life chronicles of two friends who became lovers, a single dad’s refreshingly angst-free bisexual awakening, a parent coming to terms with their child leaving the nest, and hardworking men trying to catch a break. The vibe was cozy, comfortable, and domestic, with lots of heartwarming found family goodness. Add to that the adorable antics from canine friends, and it was cuteness overload!

Piedras Island might be an old haunt, it still has plenty of surprises. I loved where Elle Keaton took us this time. I missed the mystery, but Real Hazard certainly more than made up for it with its lovable characters, cozy domesticity, and lots and lots of feel-good magic!

4.5 Stars – perfection is only half a step away

Soundtrack: Bound 2 Be Together
Artist: Gamblers
Album: When We Exit


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