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One Line Reviews Of Some Books I Read This Year (July – December 2023)

This is a round up of the books I read on the 2nd half of this year that I’m too lazy to do a full review.

Dr. Maxwell Thornton Murder Mysteries: It’s A Wonderful Knife – S.C. Wynne

It’s beginning to look a lot like murder.

Chopping down a Christmas tree has never been something Dr. Maxwell Thornton aspired to. But his boyfriend, Sheriff Royce Callum, has a tradition of visiting Giggly Elves Tree Farm every Christmas to do just that.

Trying to prove he’s a team player, Maxwell agrees to accompany Royce on his week-long tree-felling adventure. It’s a chance to spend some quality time with Royce, and also get a break from Rainy Dale.

All guests are required to turn in their cell phones upon arrival because Giggly Elves Farm is for people who yearn to escape modern-day stresses. Maxwell endures a lumpy mattress and high sodium meals of bacon, beans, and more bacon, with a fairly good attitude. But when a freak storm washes out the road back home, Maxwell begins to feel the strain.

Things turn downright terrifying when a guest is found stabbed to death in the reindeer barn, and all of the cell phones are found destroyed. It seems there’s a murderer on the loose, and he or she has a very different interpretation of how to bring out the holiday spirit in others.

My wonderful anti-social spirit animal, Max, tried really hard to get his Christmas cheer on despite murders and freak storms, and I rooted for him all the way!
(4 stars)

Just Say When – Aimee Nicole Walker

Someone wants Police Chief Emilio Mendoza dead. And if his unknown assailant doesn’t kill him, pining for Sheriff Abraham Beecham just might.

Abe and Lio’s thirty-year journey has taken them from heated rivals to best friends with countless labels and pit stops along the way. Romance is the only avenue left unexplored but not from lack of love or desire.

Abe pushes people away before they can get too close, and Lio doesn’t engage in situations he can’t control. They’ve reached an impasse, and neither are willing to risk their friendship until fate intervenes, forcing them to reassess their priorities.

But when an unhinged enemy targets Lio, will their gamble be too little too late, or will their love truly conquer all?

Just Say When is a standalone romantic suspense novel within the author’s Savannah universe. This book contains mature content and is attended for adults.

A mature men romance between two friends that slow-burned through the decades like fine wine.
(4 stars)

Sawyer and Royce: Matrimony and Mayhem – Aimee Nicole Walker

Royce and Sawyer are back and better than ever in Matrimony and Mayhem! The best-selling trilogy is now available in a collection.

The Magnolia Everything old is new again in love and murder.

Work together, live together, and play together is the name of the game for Royce Locke and Sawyer Key. But one of those things changes when Chief Mendoza taps Sawyer to lead the newly formed cold case unit. His first solve the Magnolia Murders that spanned three decades and suddenly stopped in 2000.

Chaos ensues when a fourth Magnolia Queen contender is murdered during a preliminary round. With the pageant’s one hundredth anniversary looming, the pressure is on to produce results. Royce and Sawyer, along with their new partners, have to team up to solve the Magnolia Murders—old and new.

As the investigation continues, a surprise visitor and an unexpected phone call force the men to face painful things from their pasts. The future Royce and Sawyer dream of is within their grasp, but first, they’ll need to uproot the seeds of discontent they’ve buried deep.

Marriage is Spring is in full bloom, love is in the air, and Cupid has taken deadly aim in Savannah.

Newly engaged, Royce Locke and Sawyer Key are ready to set the date and charge full-steam ahead into their happily ever after, but homicides and unresolved conflicts keep getting in their way. Neither detective has met a case they couldn’t solve, but their latest investigations will push their limits and challenge their faith when the line between friend and foe becomes blurred. And if that weren’t enough, a random encounter with a stranger will trigger a series of events that could either make or break the couple.

Killer Will their honeymoon be two tickets to paradise or a one-way trip to the morgue?

Newlyweds, Royce Locke and Sawyer Key, embark on a honeymoon road trip where their biggest threat should be dodging drunk tourists on golf carts. But their arrival on South Bass Island lands them in the middle of a contentious battle between lifelong islanders and a property developer who won’t accept no for an answer. Tempers soar as the barometric pressure drops, signaling a dangerous storm brewing on the horizon and across the street. Minding their own business becomes impossible when a homicide wrecks their vacation and puts Royce and Sawyer in the path of a twisted killer.

**Matrimony and Mayhem is the second trilogy for Royce and Sawyer and cannot be read on its own. The first trilogy, Zero Hour, is also available in a convenient box set. This collection does not include new content. Matrimony and Mayhem contains mature themes and is intended for adults.

Never a dull moment, or one without murder, because crime and chaos keep marriage alive for these detective husbands!
(4 stars each)

Of Love – Andrew Grey

A Taste of Love: The lunch rush at Darryl Hansen’s restaurant, Café Belgie, is getting to be too much for one man to handle, and Billy Weaver is a young man in search of a job—any job—to support his family. Billy gains Darryl’s respect with his earnest nature and willingness to work hard, but Billy’s admiring looks resurrect pain and shame from Darryl’s past.
Until Darryl stumbles across Billy’s secret, Billy is suffering in silence: his father died a few months earlier, leaving him struggling to raise his twin five-year-old brothers. Darryl takes Billy and the boys to the restaurant, where they’ll stand together to face the smorgasbord of troubles in their future… while Davey, Donnie, and Billy all worm their way into Darryl’s heart.

A Serving of Love: Sebastian Franklin has waited a long time to prove himself as front of the house manager at Cafe Belgie, but his first night in charge while Darryl, his boss, is on vacation is less than a success. The restaurant is robbed at closing time, and the Good Samaritan who foiled the robber comes with his own complications.
Robert Fortier is the county’s newest judge, and a reluctant one at that. He is well aware that a public life is not always easy, especially when your personal life makes you the target of a media frenzy. Still, Robert enjoys Sebastian’s company, and Sebastian is never without a serving of happiness and flair for his favorite public figure. But Sebastian is not without his issues either—family chaos and an ex in trouble will put the pressure on as they struggle for even footing in this new romance.

A Helping of Love: If Peter Christopoulos has learned one thing from his last three years in a wheelchair, it’s that people have a hard time seeing past the hardware. When he asks out Russ Baker after giving him a quote on equipment for a new Greek restaurant, he’s disappointed but not surprised to be turned down.
Russ has been covering for his abusive boyfriend for so long it’s almost automatic, but with a little help from his friends, he finds the courage to break it off. To his surprise, Peter is still interested, and soon they’re falling hard and fast. But then their world is thrown into turmoil: Peter finds an old letter indicating he has a half sister he’s never met, and Russ’s past interferes when his ex makes it clear he’ll do anything to get him back.

A Slice of Love: To make a small fortune, start with a large fortune and open a bakery. That’s the advice Marcus Wilson has heard. Unfortunately, Marcus doesn’t have a large fortune—just a bakery, A Slice of Heaven, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and the determination to make it successful. He needs more help than he can afford, so when he hires accountant Gregory Southland, it’s for hours in the shop as well as on the books.
Gregory takes a second job at the bakery to help pay the bills now that his health is improving. Soon he’s looking forward to spending time with Marcus, but as the business—and their relationship—grows, so do the complications: First Marcus’s stepmother involves him in a cause that could give the bakery a reputation it doesn’t need. Then Marcus and Gregory disagree over whether to involve A Slice of Heaven in a civil rights dispute. To top it off, Gregory’s ex-boyfriend makes an appearance just when he is at his most vulnerable. But the greatest complication by far is Marcus and Gregory’s struggle to learn to trust each other and themselves, especially when it comes to baking up matters of the heart.

Has all the comforts for the hurts: delicious food, loyal friends, and true loves.
(4 stars each)

Bad At Love – Aimee Nicole Walker

Bad at making decisions or bad at love? Either way, Kendall Blakemore doesn’t trust his judgment. He falls too hard, too fast, and always for the wrong guy. Needing a major shakeup, Kendall moves into his own place for the first time and seizes a new career opportunity. But everything he thought he wanted turns out to be the last thing he needs. When loneliness threatens to derail Kendall’s good behavior, he decides to rent out his spare bedroom. What could go wrong? Try a tenant who’s temptation incarnate.

Bad at commitment or born to roam? Either way, US Deputy Marshal Kurt Dandridge feels trapped. Maybe staying in one place for too long is the source of his unhappiness, or maybe it’s because he’s engaged to the wrong person. Finding his fiancé in bed with another man takes care of one problem but creates another. Ridge needs a place to live. He’d leave Savannah altogether if not for his vow to apprehend an elusive fugitive. Renting a room from Kendall Blakemore seems like the perfect solution until Ridge finds himself falling for the alluring man. Would one kiss derail his course? And could he stop at just one?

Hurts so good. Chemistry burns between them—hot, consuming, and impossible to ignore. And why should they? Kendall and Ridge are consenting adults who know the score. Being bad has never felt so good, but it’s a slippery slope to navigate. One misstep could have disastrous consequences for both men.

Bad at Love is a standalone novel within the Sinister in Savannah universe where both characters first appeared. It is not necessary to read that series first. Bad at Love is a romantic suspense that’s heavier on the romance than the suspense.

Not bad, just okay and kinda forgettable.
(3 stars)

The Button Man – Davidson King

A visit from Button Man means only one thing: someone wants you dead.

Duke is born into the world a hired killer. It’s his birthright—all he knows, all he thinks he’ll ever be. Then one fateful night, the unthinkable occurs and in the most tragic of moments, a promise is made. That promise is kept for almost fifteen years, until he comes face-to-face with a target he never expects and a future he never sees coming.

Kelly spends his days in a classroom, while his nights couldn’t be more different. Unbeknownst to those around him, their friendly neighborhood teacher is the handler for a hit man. For over a decade he has watched Button Man’s back from behind a computer screen. He is content living his double life, believing he will never cross paths with the dangerous assassin, but fate has a different plan.

When the past collides with the present, Duke and Kelly must prevent it from destroying the future. It’s not just their lives they need to think about—the entire world of a fourteen-year-old girl is about to spin on its axis. Dodging bullets and uncovering truths bring the two closer than they could have imagined. But lust takes a back seat to survival when enemies threaten to drown them both in blood. Can they navigate these twists and turns when death is lingering at every corner, or will they die trying?

Very interesting premise, though too bad the delivery didn’t push beyond passable
(3.5 stars)

Mischief and Monsters: Monstrous Intent – Alice Winters

It’s really hard to pretend like life is normal when you’re staring a monster in the eyes, though he’s both tempting and irritating in his human form. I put my days as a hunter behind me, unable to cope with the death and pain anymore, to become an upstanding citizen and for what? To assist Lake, a man who claims he’s not a monster but keeps talking about me like I’m edible and–even worse–wants to woo me? Between my old organization trying to pull me in and Lake proving that things aren’t quite what they seem, I’m dragged back into this world of fighting the things that humans fear the most.

The human is exquisite. The first moment he told me he was going to hunt me down, I felt my heart burst. He’s beautiful, sassy, angry, and going to be mine (even if he thinks he can refuse my charms). But what Declan doesn’t know about me is that there’s a reason I’m hiding as a human among monster hunters. And while he definitely doesn’t know why, he’s willing to work with me because the people around us strangely want Declan and me dead at the end of this (I mean, who would want to kill us? We’re amazing).
But honestly… what’s more fun than dragging a hunter off to the dark side?

Warning: This is a chaotic monster and a chaotic human. Stuff happens. People die (but they were bad, so it doesn’t matter, right?) and there’s plenty of humor alongside a budding romance.

While I really appreciated Alice Winters hitting the sweet spot between humor and plot, I could barely recall what the hell happened in this story.
(3 stars)

Dearly and the Departed: Dearly & Vain Valentino – L.A. Kaye a.k.a. Sam E. Kraemer

When the family business is death, how does one convince the deceased to embrace the afterlife without hurting their delicate feelings?

Keir Dearly, proprietor of Dearly & Son Funeral Home, is working his way through heartache after Dashiell Clegg, the object of his affection, has taken off on an adventure and left Keir behind. When a certain handsome detective shows up and wants to woo the mortician, temptation knocks. Will Keir answer while Dash is off trying to accept mind blowing news and navigate a new reality?

Valentino Rankin, a fledgling male model, becomes a client of Keir’s at Dearly & Son by paying more attention to his reflection in a store window than the flow of traffic. He refuses to give Keir information to assist with reconnecting him to his body and has a hard time accepting he has to fight a living biker and a cop for Keir Dearly’s affections.

How can Keir convince Valentino that the afterlife is calling, or is there something more to Valentino that Keir can’t see? Can Dash help clear things up with his newly acquired skills that will be a surprise to everyone? There’s trouble with the electricity at Dearly & Son, and it’s nothing an electrician can fix!

Plot and world-building could use some improvements, but Keir Dearly is a beautiful soul I’d love to meet in life and death.
(4 stars)

Big Bull Mechanics: Crankshaft – K.M. Neuhold

I don’t have time for a relationship, not even with the adorably dorky vet I can’t seem to stop bumping into… *sigh * pass the oil and lube

Between running a garage full of beefed up, gear head mechanics and bailing my idiot brother out of trouble every other week, the last thing I have time for is a relationship.

I’ve tried it too many times, and the ridiculous reasons I always find to end it have become a running joke around the garage. But I’ve learned my lesson. No. More. Boyfriends.

I don’t care how many times Porter falls asleep drunk in my bed or how cute he looks covered in oil smears while I teach him how to fix up the vintage car he has rusting away in his garage, I’m not going to fall for him.

Even if I did, what do a mechanic and a veterinarian have in common anyway?

It’s better if we’re only friends… friends who occasionally fiddle with each other’s crankshafts…

Not as gripping as I would have liked, but kept at it because our boy, Porter, deserves his HEA!
(3.5 stars)

Angels of Wrath: One – Paulina Ian Kane

Michael Caldwell —medical examiner, odd, blood obsessed. His new life in Chicago consists of performing autopsies and eating chips while watching old detective series.


“He’s suddenly standing in front of me. Leather jacket, washed-out jeans, jet black hair.
His deep, green eyes are so intense on me I can barely breathe.
It’s in his crooked smile, bold flirting and confident—borderline conceited—behavior that I get lost.
The fact that he protects me five minutes later during an attempted robbery only reinforces my crazy-instant attraction toward him, though.

But there are shadows hiding in his gaze. And his apathetic yet possessive attitude confuses me.
Makes me care.
Makes me crave.

But then secrets come out and my life turns into a thriller movie.
Now I’m left wondering how this all started. And when the answer comes, I know I can never go back to my uneventful life. Would I even want to?
Would I be able to leave him?

‘Never again’, he whispers.”

WARNING-This is not a sci-fi angel story, unless you see eager vigilantes with a dark side as angels.
This is an action packed romance with an HEA and no cliffhangers. It features an over the top possessive psychopath, and a peculiar medical examiner with a stomach made of steel. There’s violence, torture (only of very bad people), dark humor, amazing side characters and very spicy scenes with blood play. Morality’s grey area is quite stretched in this story.

This is book one in the Angels of Wrath Series. Each book follows a different couple.

Though they took more than a few pages from Onley James, the Bear-Stone family still managed to suck me in their world of blood and vengeance!
(4 stars)

Wither – Ashlyn Drewek

Desperate for a change, librarian Zane Beaumont gets the chance of a lifetime to work for literary sensation Gerulf Prince. People say you should never meet your heroes—and for good reason. The fact that no one has seen the mysterious author in two years and that his lawyer is willing to pay so much for a job people would normally clamor to do for free are giant red flags that sail over Zane’s head.

But with an offer he can’t refuse and the deadline for Gerulf’s latest project fast approaching, Zane takes the job and moves into the famous author’s mansion. After all, it’s only six months. How bad can it be?

WITHER is a “Beauty and the Beast”-inspired MM novella about a librarian looking for a new life, an award-winning author who hates the world, and plenty of grumpy/sunshine moments. The original version of this story was published in the Because of You anthology and has been expanded prior to its rerelease. It is intended for a mature audience and reader discretion is advised. A full list of triggers can be found in the front matter of the book and at my website under Tropes & Triggers. 

A Beauty and the Beast retelling that didn’t shy away from controversial themes nor hold back on the FEELS!
(4.5 stars)

In A New York Minute – Felice Stevens

Garrett Steiner loves his grandmother.
But when she rents a billboard in the middle of Times Square, hoping to find him a husband, he isn’t so sure anymore. Bad enough everyone at the “Crossroads of the World” thinks he’s a joke—now his face is plastered all over the news. He’s already in enough trouble with the principal of his school, who isn’t thrilled to have a gay teacher. It might be two dateless years since his divorce, but no way is he going to answer any of the thousand emails he’s received.
Except….maybe one. The long-haired man with the soulful eyes.

After the devastating loss of his husband, rock star Remi Angel has hit rock bottom. His career is in shambles and he’s spiraling. Fast.
With the media ready for the next juicy scandal, he leaves the limelight behind to return to his roots and spend time with his beloved grandfather. Seeing Garrett’s billboard ad, Remi sends him an email, figuring nothing will come of it, but hey. At least he’s trying.
Except Garrett does answer, and when they meet, both feel that special spark. It’s terrifying yet wondrous, a combination of desire and hope mixed with fear.

The fear of loving again.
Of coming alive again.
This wasn’t supposed to happen.

But anything can happen in a New York minute…even love.
In a New York Minute is a slow burn, rock star, M/M romance filled with longing, doubt and swoony moments. There are love songs, a secret identity, a wise, bagel-loving grandpa, and an unrepentant bubbe who knows what’s best for her grandson.
It answers the once in a lifetime can’t happen twice…or can it?

A premise I totally loved that sadly devolved into generic rom-com the minute the MCs started dating.
(3 stars)

Rekindled Flame – Andrew Grey

Firefighter Morgan has worked hard to build a home for himself after a nomadic childhood. When Morgan is called to a fire, he finds the family out front, but their tenant still inside. He rescues Richard Smalley, who turns out to be an old friend he hasn’t seen in years and the one person he regretted leaving behind.

Richard has had a hard life. He served in the military, where he lost the use of his legs, and has been struggling to make his way since coming home. Now that he no longer has a place to live, Morgan takes him in, but when someone attempts to set fire to Morgan’s house, they both become suspicious and wonder what’s going on.

Years ago Morgan was gutted when he moved away, leaving Richard behind, so he’s happy to pick things up where they left off. But now that Richard seems to be the target of an arsonist, he may not be the safest person to be around.

Heart-warming with a bit of suspense and drama.
(4 stars)

The Elite: Reckless Roulette – Alice Winters

Seven days until game over.


Kade has seven days left to live… unless I do something about it. I am one of the best assassins around, after all. But… I’m not sure I exactly care what happens to Kade. He’s rude, only cares about himself and his casino, and did I mention he doesn’t know a single thing about video games?

Okay, okay. Maybe that’s not enough of a reason to watch him dash headlong into danger while I kick back and enjoy the show.

It’s kind of fun though.

Now I know what you’re thinking… doesn’t that make me the selfish one? See, I don’t mind helping people—it’s kind of my thing. But the ones I help aren’t anything like Kade. They’re people who have nothing left yet are willing to go to great lengths to save those they love, even at the cost of losing themselves. Still, maybe Kade can show me that beneath his icy exterior is a man worth saving. A man worth loving. And maybe even a man worth risking everything for.

Issue is… he only has seven days to do it.

An assassin/target romance with very interesting stakes, some LOL moments, bit of OTT action, and two compelling MCs that kept me reading.
(4 stars)

The Rowan Harbor Cycle: Stag and the Ash – Sam Burns

Jesse Hunter is finally trying to be an adult, but still feels like an act. His place on the town council is a sham. He’s rarely called on to do anything. His boyfriend is grieving the loss of his mother, and while everyone seems to think he’s doing a great job caring for Sean, Jesse feels like he’s more of a distraction than a real help.

March is shaping up to be a bad month. First, random chance leads him to the realization that the town’s recent trouble is his fault. Then new werewolves come into town, and it turns out they’re also Jesse’s responsibility. He feels like he may be at his breaking point, and he doesn’t want to drag his friends and loved ones down with him. But how will he handle it alone?

Sean is adorbs, Jesse is a sweetheart, and Rowan Harbor is too much trouble for a very small town
(4 stars)

The Rowan Harbor Cycle: Adder and Willow – Sam Burns

Fletcher Lane has a problem. His boyfriend’s parents are coming for a visit, and they want to meet up. He’s ready to commit, so what happens if his prospective in-laws don’t like him? And how is he supposed to keep Rowan Harbor’s unique nature a secret when he might be the worst liar ever born?

To make matters worse, when he finds and helps two strangers stuck on the road, it leads him to a new threat: the man who’s been terrorizing the town has set events into motion that endanger more than just Rowan Harbor. Can Fletcher and his friends stop him before there’s nothing but a smoking crater where the Oregon coastline used to be?

Our boy, Fletcher, is slowly coming into his powers, but at what cost?!
(4 stars)

The Rowan Harbor Cycle: Eagle in the Hawthorne – Sam Burns

Rowan Harbor has had a tough winter, and Devon Murphy wants nothing more than to make it better. When he proposes a solution to the town’s low morale, it creates a rift in his relationship with his boyfriend, Wade. They’ve hardly ever argued, and when things get tense, Devon has no idea how to handle it.

But an evil presence in his town targets the people Devon loves, he has to put his personal worries aside and face danger down again. Will he be able to protect his town, and if he can, will Wade be waiting for him when it’s done?

The best one out of Devon’s mostly boring books.
(4 stars)

The Rowan Harbor Cycle: Salmon and the Hazel – Sam Burns

Jesse’s only priority in life is protecting the people he loves, so he’s determined to see Rowan Harbor’s wards rebuilt. There’s just one problem: they’re missing an ingredient that can’t be ordered online.

Jesse volunteers to search for the missing component in the realm of the fae, but his boyfriend, Sean, isn’t letting him go alone. The town has an enemy among the fae, so they’ll need to keep a low profile. Along their way, they find unexpected allies, surprising enemies, and a whole host of problems.

The journey is a test of their endurance, but also of their relationship and their faith in each other. Can they find what they need and get back home in one piece in time for the summer solstice?

Quite an adventure for Jesse and Sean, one where they meet new friends and old enemies!
(4 stars)

The Rowan Harbor Cycle: Wren and Oak – Sam Burns

Rowan Harbor has been peaceful for a now unprecedented two months, but everyone knows it’s the calm before the storm. The Summer king is coming for the thorn—a weapon destined to bring his end—and Fletcher has never felt so helpless. When the disturbing dreams start and his mentor, Oak, is hesitant to discuss them, Fletcher doesn’t know where to turn. He and his boyfriend Conner are in the process of moving in together, and he doesn’t want to add anything else to Conner’s list of concerns. With a vengeful fae waiting for his chance to raze Rowan Harbor to the ground, Fletcher has to find a way to protect everything he loves and survive the coming storm.

Fletcher is always so low-key as to be frequently over-looked, yet our boy has the most important and most heart-wrenching job of all!
(4.5 stars)

Farm – Andrew Grey

Spend time on the farm and find the meaning of Love… Geoff and Eli’s farm in rural Michigan is the safe place for friends to heal from the sometimes cruel reality of the outside world. Even the most wounded person can find hope, a family and a home. Parental ultimatums, targeted attacks, and life-changing car accidents will do nothing against the healing power of love and kindness. These men will learn the hard way what love can really mean.

Very bingeable, uplifting, and warm, FARM is full of found family goodness, unconditional kindness, and pure love.
(4 stars each)

Surreal Estate – Jesi Lea Ryan

Sasha Michaels is a psychic with an affinity for houses. And he’s homeless. Go figure. After months of sleeping rough, he stumbles upon an abandoned house, and the lonely place beckons him inside. He’s finally safe . . . until someone comes blundering in to his hideaway.

House-flipper Nick Cooper lost everything in the recession. Desperate to revive his business, he turns to a loan shark to fund his comeback project: flipping an abandoned house full of potential. But it turns out the house has an unexpected occupant.

Nick and Sasha make a deal: Sasha can stay in exchange for helping with the renovation. To both of their surprise, the closer they get to the loan shark’s due date, the stronger their feelings for each other grow. Problem is, Nick isn’t the only one with feelings for Sasha, and now the house doesn’t want to let Sasha go.

A book I liked but didn’t really take up head space once I’m done
(3.5 stars)

A Single Soul – L.A. Witt

Matt Russo knows better. Everyone does, but no one knows better than an attorney who routinely works with the you watch what you say, or else you find yourself in the crosshairs of trickster magic.

Or in this case, with an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other. And the ridiculous bickering celestial beings aren’t going anywhere until they help him change his perpetual single status. Worse, if someone finds out he used magic for any kind of gain, his personal and professional reputations might never recover.

Fortunately, his best friend and downstairs neighbor—not to mention the man he’s quietly wanted for the past five years—is smart and level-headed. If anyone can help Matt out of this fiasco, it’s Cory Miller.

Except while Cory’s happy to help Matt get rid of the pint-sized magical idiots, the only way they’re leaving is if they succeed in finding someone for Matt to love. Cory will do anything for his friend, but he’s not so sure he can take part in helping Matt find the man of his dreams. Not when he’s wished all this time that he could fill that particular role.

But maybe this magical disaster is exactly what Matt and Cory need to realize their secret attraction is mutual.

A cute homage to Good Omens, though it’s really just run-of-the-mill friends-to-lovers romance if you removed the paranormal elements.
(3.5 stars)

Folk Lore: Where Foxes Hunt With Wolves – K.A. Merikan

— You are responsible for what you tame —

Yevhen. Forest ranger. Werewolf. Stifled by pack rules.
Radek. Foxy ginger brat. Changeling. Will avoid responsibility at all cost.

Banished from his pack for being gay, Yev has one last chance to redeem himself in the eyes of his family. He needs to stick to the rules for a year, and bury his sexuality forever. Shouldn’t be so hard, since he can’t have a relationship with a human without revealing his werewolf nature.

That is until one night, a drunk ginger brat points a rifle in his face.

Radek finished University months ago but thinking about the future is not on his agenda. Life would be great if he could just avoid any and all responsibilities.

He doesn’t want to be his mom’s caregiver, doesn’t want to take over the family fox farm, doesn’t want to return to his village, and doesn’t want a steady boyfriend.

His world turns upside down when he’s arrested by an infuriatingly attractive forest ranger. If that wasn’t bad enough, he’s now hunted by werewolves for discovering their drug smuggling operation, and… he turned into a fox!?

Helpless and wounded, he seeks sanctuary with the very man who got him into this mess, but what’s a fox to do? If there’s someone who can help him understand his changeling origin, it’s Yev. A werewolf.

Genre: Paranormal M/M romance with dark elements
Contains scorching hot, emotional, explicit scenes with a hint of kink and lots of biting!
Themes: Folklore, forbidden love, hurt/comfort, little town, homophobia, coming out, fish out of water, shifters, discovering magic, age gap, size difference, changeling, animal rights activism, growing up, werewolf, family issues
Length: ~ 120,000 words (standalone)

WARNING: This story contains scenes of violence, offensive language, bodily harm, animal cruelty, and morally ambiguous characters.

Yev is really a giant marshmallow, Radek is a thirsty twink, and their story is dark, fluffy, and primal that sadly meandered too long.
(3.5 stars)

Sons of the Fallen: Castor – Jaclyn Osborn

When Castor was captured by demons and forced to fight for his life in the underworld, he never expected to be rescued by a water dragon wielding a katana. He also never expected for that dragon to turn out to be his destined mate.

Too bad he has no time for romance right now. With the son of Lucifer building an army, Castor and his half-angel brothers are busy trying to stop the end of the world. But his attraction to Kyo is magnetic, and as the personification of Greed, he’s never been good at denying himself anything.

A trip to Greece brings Kyo and Castor closer in more ways than one, and neither man can fight their soulmate connection. But with a war on the horizon and enemies at every turn, will that connection be broken?

Book 2 in the Sons of the Fallen series featuring a smart-mouthed Nephilim and a dragon who loves picking on him, hot island nights, and seven warriors cursed with the deadly sins. Each book features a different main couple, but the series must be read in order. HEA guaranteed.

With dragons coming into the mix, I loved how the series is hitting its stride in Castor and Kyo’s story!
(4 stars)

Sons of the Fallen: Daman – Jaclyn Osborn

Love is messy. Being alone is easier.

Cursed with Envy, Daman has spent his life in the shadows. Relationships are too complicated when he’s in a constant battle with his very nature. His only focus is helping his half-angel brothers protect mankind from dark forces. With the son of Lucifer on the rise, stakes are high. Allies are needed. And then a proposal is made:

Marry Prince Warrin of the ice dragon kingdom for the sake of an alliance.

Daman’s just following orders. It’s nothing more than a marriage of convenience to strengthen their army. But then he sees another side to the seemingly emotionless dragon warrior. Shy smiles. And touches that leave him breathless.

Can two men forced into marriage ever be truly happy, or will their romance end before it even begins?

Daman (Sons of the Fallen Book 3) is an MM urban fantasy romance featuring an arranged marriage, forced proximity, first times, dragons, and Nephilim warriors representing the seven deadly sins. Each book features a different main couple, but the series must be read in order. HEA guaranteed.

Daman has mostly been relegated to the sidelines, so I’m glad he gets to be the center of ice dragon Prince Warrin’s universe, making their story the most romantic of all!
(4.5 stars)

Sons of the Fallen: Gray – Jaclyn Osborn

Monsters. Fighting. And naps. Cursed with the deadly sin Sloth, Gray helps protect mankind, all while taking nap breaks. His sleepy world shifts when he saves a man from a demon attack.

Mason Hawk, former sharp shooter turned hunter. After his eyes are opened to the supernatural in the worst possible way, he dedicates his life to hunting monsters. While on a job to take out a man-eating demon, he finds himself in trouble and is saved by a black-winged half-angel with the sweetest brown eyes. And his dark world gets a little brighter despite him having no clue why.

Soulmates. Gray feels the connection instantly. But this human with his distrust of everything supernatural has guarded his heart, and Gray wonders if he’ll ever be able to reach him.

When monsters are released, wreaking havoc on mankind, it’s up to Gray and his brothers—with the help of Mason and his force of hunters—to stop the attacks.
Love is complicated. Even more so when the fate of the world rests in your hands.

Gray is an urban fantasy MM romance featuring an adorably sleepy Nephilim and the protective human who falls for him. You’ll find fated mates, banter, heat, and swoony romance when grumpy meets sunshine in this fourth exciting installment in the Sons of the Fallen series.
Each book features a different main couple, but the series must be read in order. HEA guaranteed.

As adorable as expected because Gray!
(4 stars)

Sons of the Fallen: Bellamy – Jaclyn Osborn

What happens when your enemy is your fated mate?

Anger. Denial. Bellamy’s felt both since the day he learned a demon was his soulmate. Mostly denial. Cursed with the deadly sin Lust, he’s used to no-strings-attached hookups. Love is a different story. He’s never wanted it. Romance is a waste of time when he’s dedicated his life to protecting the world.

A world his fated mate is trying to destroy.

Phoenix isn’t a hero. He’s self-serving, a bit wicked, and devious. He’s also the king of the underworld’s right-hand demon. So when a Nephilim he’s been waging war against turns out to be the one destiny chose for him, things get… complicated.
The understatement of the century.

As the war between angels and demons intensifies, circumstances force Bellamy and Phoenix together in an oh so close proximity. And the sizzling connection between them becomes an inferno of carnal desire. A beautiful disaster waiting to happen.

Or is it?

Bellamy is an urban fantasy MM romance featuring enemies to lovers, fated mates, wing slits and the fun things you can do with them, banter, warriors cursed with the seven deadly sins, and found family. Each book features a different main couple, but the series must be read in order. HEA guaranteed.

A little darker, a little more heart-wrenching than usual, and fitting that it is an enemies-to-lovers romance for Bellamy, because Lust craves the hardest for what he can’t have.
(4 stars)

Sons of the Fallen: Jaclyn Osborn

More. A word Raiden knows very well.
Cursed with the deadly sin of Gluttony, his voracious appetite is legendary. Nothing is ever enough to fill the emptiness inside him. Until he meets the one man who satiates that hunger. But with the war between angels and demons escalating, it’s not exactly the best time to fall in love.

Then again, fate never follows the rules.

As the son of a fallen angel, Titan leads a guarded life. Being a soldier is all he knows. Keeping his emotions locked away. But then he meets a silly, handsome, and warm-hearted man with a dimpled grin and weakness for pizza, and his guard begins to slip. Raiden is everything good in this world. And for the first time, Titan thinks falling in love may be worth the risk of possible heartbreak later on.

The bond between fated mates is powerful. A sweet indulgence that can make even the darkest of days seem brighter. Can Raiden and Titan embrace their bond with the fate of the world in the balance? Or will their romance fade before it even truly begins?

Raiden is Book 6 in the Sons of the Fallen series. You’ll find a ridiculous amount of pizza, cavity-inducing romantic sweetness, swordplay, fun on the beach, and two oblivious dorks who bond over their mutual love of food. Each book features a different main couple, but the series must be read in order. HEA guaranteed.

A lot of things may have been left open-ended, Raiden and Titan still have the happiest, coziest, and most scrumptious closing scene of all!
(4 stars)

Sons of the Fallen: Alistair – Jaclyn Osborn

Pride comes before the fall. Or so they say.

Cursed with the deadly sin of Pride, failure isn’t an option for Alastair. Win at all costs. With the war intensifying, the stakes are higher than ever. Sacrifices must be made. Throw in the awakening of a soulmate bond on top of that, and things have never been so complicated. Especially when that soulmate is an angel with icy eyes but whose touch is surprisinly warm.

What happens when your fated mate is the one person you’re forbidden to love?

Lazarus has lived an obedient life of a celestial warrior. Taking nothing for himself. Tossing aside all desires. Fate has other plans. One kiss. That’s all it takes for the emotions he sealed away to surge forward. But is loving Alastair worth falling for?

War is unpredictable. And as the final battle approaches, hearts—and lives—are put on the line. It all leads to one heart-pounding conclusion.

Book 7 in the Sons of the Fallen series with fated mates, an angel’s first taste of love, a war between good and evil, and one epic conclusion. Each book features a different main couple, but the series must be read in order. HEA guaranteed

Lazarus wasn’t even on the list of people I would have paired with Alistair, so the angel surprised everyone even more when he showed why only he is worthy of Pride!
(4 stars)

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