I’m the type of reader who never highlight passages or memorize quotes. I would go so far as to say, I never really care too much about them. But sometimes, there are words that capture a moment or emotion so perfectly even my forgetful brain couldn’t help but remember the lines and relive all the feels.

Here are more unforgettable quotes from my favorite books.


“You are as oblivious as you are magnificent, Alarick. I love you. I have loved you from the moment you asked me to dance, and not as a friend. I’m in love with you. I hadn’t even known I had a heart until you made it beat.”

The King And His Vigilant Valet – Charlie Cochet

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“I’ve never seen myself look that way before,” Sam said.

“Like what?” Did I even want to know?

“Like I had everything I’ve ever wanted right in front of me.”

Sweet As Honey – Lucy Lennox

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“If this is love for you, then you are in love with a ghost, with the illusion of a man. Is that enough for you?”

“Would you let me have that? If you do, then I will find the man. I’ll breathe life back into the ghost.”

Love Is A Stranger – John Wiltshire

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“You enjoy being an asshole, don’t you?” he asked.

“There’s a certain satisfaction to it, yes.”

Murder Aforethought – Parker St. John

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Terry seemed to view him as a person rather than as a monster or an animal . That knowledge warmed his heart even as his flesh burned in agony .

Chained – Kim Fielding

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This was going to be the death of him. He had survived this latest illness only to be murdered by casual affection.

Two Rogues Make A Right – Cat Sebastian

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I want to grab the memories and greedily drink them in, but he pulls me closer, and I’m blind once again to everything but this man. This poetic, perennially cheerful Welsh man who makes me feel safe.

Gideon – Lily Morton

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I never thought I was a shallow man. I thought I needed a mind to go with the body. Turns out I don’t.  Lock me up with a pretty madman and I’ll forget all the meeting of minds and focus on the muscles. 

This Is Not Revenge – Romilly King

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“I’d walk through fire to kiss you again. But it’s more than that, and I think you know it. Otherwise you wouldn’t be so worried about this getting so…complicated.”

Inside Affair – Ella Frank

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Something was changing inside of me, insisting I shed the pretense and be real. I was like a turtle who’d outgrown his shell. I needed new shelter. A place to grow and stretch and be myself. My real self.

A Way With Words – Lane Hayes

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Home was only a five-minute ride, and I dreaded it so much. I wanted someone who would miss me, mourn me when I’m gone, and yet I knew I’d just be a vague and fading memory.

By Way Of Pain – J.M. Dabney

“The cracks are how the light gets in.”

Match Grade – G.B. Gordon

“The question was never whether I loved you,” Alec whispered. “It was, How brave am I? or maybe How afraid am I? And it turns out I’m slightly braver than I am afraid when it comes to you. Tell me what I need to do so we can be together and neither of us gets arrested for anything, and I’ll do it.”

Any Old Diamonds – K.J. Charles

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“I was an impossible child, and now I’m a difficult man.”

Kiss Me Again – Garett Leigh

He saw the monsters that love and longing could make, and they all had human faces.

The Remaking Of Corbin Wale – Roan Parrish

“It’s called a ‘double tap’ for a reason,” Justin said as he stood and started crossing the main floor toward his boyfriend. “Double means two. Two shots.” He held up two fingers on his empty hand.

“I’m sorry. Are we rationing our bullets now? I didn’t know I was dating a bullet miser.”

“Hey, I’m just saying the third shot was overkill.”

“And now you have to replace your magazine.”

Gabriel kept his face blank as he deftly popped the magazine from the butt of his gun and slapped another in its place, his eyes never wavering from Justin’s. God, he loved watching this man work. It really was indecent to have a fucking hard-on while infiltrating a mob boss’s drug warehouse, but he couldn’t help it when Gabriel was being all cocky and domineering.

Final Lover – Jocelynn Drake

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“You are happy,” Kip observed.

Scott leaned their foreheads together. “I feel invincible right now.”

“Me too. Let’s change the fucking world.”

Game Changer – Rachel Reid

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Without family, Tover had spent many birthdays in lonely places, but being sold by his lover to a bunch of unscrupulous pirates definitely won the prize as being the worst birthday present ever received.

Song Of The Navigator – Astrid Amara

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Lake water.

Sunshine. So much sunshine. As if the world was on fire.

Heartsong = T.J. Klune

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“Oh, fuck you Daniel. Why don’t you come down off your goddamned high horse for a minute. I mean, do you have any idea what it’s like to be in hell and hold that person who fucked you over might give enough of a shit to at least try to save you?”

“Probably feels a lot like finding out the man you still love is willing to fucking kill you.”

A Chip In His Shoulder – L.A. Witt

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“I’ll be your weapon if you’ll be my pack,” Jono whispered against his lips.

A Ferry Of Bones & Gold – Hailey Turner



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