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Book Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Light My Fire
By Katy Manz


GSC In Love, Book 1

Omega witch Rayne Ramano has one goal in life, keep his family safe. He has no need for a fated mate.

Alpha Dragon shifter Zander Survalorlost his clan when he began working for the Global Shifter Council. He never thought he’d go home again.

When GSC send Zander back home to help with a situation, he never expects to find his fated mate. Nor does he expect the family drama when their worlds collide.

As they work together to unveil secrets and defeat the enemy, will these two let themselves learn to love. Or will their hearts fall victim to their fears?

Light My Fire is book one in the sweet with knotty heat MM shifter mpreg romance series: GSC in Love. . It features an alpha dragon shifter who has secrets, a powerful omega witch who isn’t afraid to fight, fated love, mpreg and a guaranteed happy ever after.

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The heat in Zander’s eyes told me exactly how he wanted me to enjoy my mate. And I was all in.

“Should we check on Drag and Luna before this goes any further?” he asked.

“Probably,” I agreed. “Although they are still curled up by the fire.”

Luna and Drag were indeed still cuddled up together and napping peacefully. My heart melted at the sight of them so blissfully at rest with one another.

“Do you want to see my bedroom?” Zander wrapped his arms around me from behind and nuzzled my ear with his nose. Excitement burst through me. I treasured his nearness.

“Show me,” I replied. “I want to see everything you have to offer.”

“My pleasure.” He groaned as he licked my neck. Zander turned me around in his arms and claimed my mouth. His hands cupped my face. His kiss was delicate and sweet. It was like coming home. I found myself consumed by a fire. Passion like never before burned in my veins. I needed this man like I had never needed anyone or anything in my whole entire existence.

His hands slowly lowered from my face and ran over my shoulders, arms, and then around me. Soon Zander was cupping my ass and pulling me closer to him. His hard length rubbed against my own.

“Mmm,” I moaned into his mouth. Our kiss broke for a breath.

“I can’t get enough of you,” Zander growled and lowered his face to my neck, where he continued to assault my skin with nips and licks. He paid particular attention to the place where the mating mark would soon be placed.

“Fuck going upstairs. That couch looks comfortable.” I gently shoved him toward the large leather sectional.

“I agree. The bedroom is too far when I can make you come right here.” Zander’s words made my hole slick and my cock twitch. I needed this man to touch me before I exploded from want.

“God, I want you to fuck me,” I admitted.

“And I will,” Zander promised, “but I need to do something first.” Zander unfolded a large blanket from beside the couch and covered the leather upholstery. Honestly, that was probably a smart thing to do that my lust-driven brain didn’t even think of. The next step Zander took was ridding himself of clothing. I took in every sinful inch of his body as he bared it all.

“Your turn.” He lifted my shirt. Undressing me turned sensual as he stopped to kiss each new patch of skin he uncovered. I was torn between savoring his attention and undressing fully right now so we could get to the main course. In the end, he wouldn’t let me rush him, and I was thankful for that when he kneeled in front of me.

“I need to taste you.” Zander took me into his mouth and moaned. “You taste like heaven. Sweet, salty, and all mine.”

“Oh goddess,” I inhaled as he deep-throated me and hummed in appreciation.

A hand expertly played with my balls as his mouth worked my length. I was seconds from spurting my cum down his throat when he popped off my cock and stood up.

“Not yet,” he commanded then took both my hands, twirled me around so my back was against his front, and bent me over the back of his couch. “Oh, baby. You are already nice and slick for me. Let me stretch you a bit.”

“Yes. Please,” I begged. “I need a part of you filling me. Right. Now.”

The damn man chuckled at my needy plea but filled my hungry hole with his digits anyway. “Oh, you will have my huge cock in this hole shortly, don’t worry about that.”

“Ugh,” I cried out as he nipped the back of my neck. “Fuck me, now.”

“Let me get you ready, baby,” Zander said as he worked another finger into my ass.

“I need you now. Please fuck me,” I implored.

The thick head of his cock replaced his fingers. No more words, only action.

“Yes,” I cried out as he impaled me with one forceful thrust. We could do slow and gentle some other day. I wanted this right now. Fast, brutal, and primal. The claiming of fated mates who could not stand another moment apart from their destined lovers.

“So fucking good.” Zander groaned into my ear as he pushed into me at a maddening pace.

His hand snaked around me and grasped my still-hard cock, starting to stroke it in rhythm to his thrusts.

Euphoria came closer and closer, but before I could come, he once again stopped and withdrew from my greedy hole.

“Fuck.” I exclaimed, “Why?”

The bastard only whipped me around again, hoisted me up so I was leaning on the back of the couch and had me wrap my legs around him as he swiftly impaled me onto his cock once more. Then he gave me a cocky grin and went in for a kiss.

This man would drive me mad, in good ways, and probably some not-so-grand. But the ride was going to be worth it.

The sting of his teeth on my bonding mark heightened my climax. I made a matching claiming bite on his own neck.

Moments passed as we caught our breath and came back down from the high. Still locked together, I savored the scent of my mate, lavender, and mint, with the musk of sex. I caved to the temptation of his neck and licked a path from his shoulder to his ear, relishing the saltiness of his sweat on my tongue.

“Mmmm,” Zander hummed as I assaulted his skin with nips and licks.

Once we were no longer knotted, Zander slowly lowered me to the ground, and it took a minute to become steady on my feet again. That true mate sex was no joke. And knotting was my favorite new activity.

“I am writing down Must fuck daily on our wedding contract,” I joked. We didn’t do contracts any longer.

“I must admit, I didn’t realize how amazing true mate bonding was. I know wolves can knot anytime they have sex with an omega due to the wolf genes, but dragons only knot with their fated mate,” Zander replied.

“I always found that interesting. The alpha witches in the family would get so jealous of the wolf alphas. Unless they had the recessive gene, then that one area in the gene did show itself. I remember my cousin Atticus came home and bragged how he had knotted his best friend when they were fooling around, and his brother, who didn’t get the recessive trait, was pissed and hid all his porn,” I told Zander. “Ah, Good times.”

“Yeah, we non-wolves do tend to get jealous when we are younger over that fact,” Zander added. “I had a friend who didn’t know they could only knot with their fated mate and broke down in tears the first time he had sex. He thought he had somehow broken his penis by thrusting too hard. His boyfriend had to explain it to him, and then he had a hard time facing the guy for a few weeks after, since the omega knew more about knots than he did.”

“Oh no,” I said. “What happened? Did they break up?”

Zander laughed. “Oh no, they are still together. They found their fated mates and formed a Closed Quad relationship together.”

“Oh wow,” I replied. “That’s cool. They agreed to be together?”

“Yeah,” Zander answered. “They bought this huge house out in the country and run a ranch. They are all committed to one another and their growing family.”



“I guess that it’s either time to eat or go out,” I said as our furry friends wandered over to us, and we quickly threw on our pants before seeing to their needs.

“I’ll get them settled. Why don’t you go into the kitchen and heat some leftovers?” Zander asked. “I think we have a pretty good appetite.”

“Sure thing,” I said and swatted his ass. “Go take care of the babies, and I’ll make sure to use the microwave to fill our bellies.”

Zander reached out and grabbed my hand, pulling me back to him. His lips found mine, and I melted into him. “You keep that up, and no one is getting fed,” I said.

“Well, I think someone will eat, but it won’t be food.” Zander winked and let my hand go.

“I’m going to heat up that food, but make sure you show me exactly what you mean about that later, okay.” I winked back at him over my shoulder as I walked out of the living area and into the kitchen. I made sure to put a bit of sway into my ass, too, to taunt him. This is going to be a fun life.

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About the Author:

Katy Manz has always dreamed of being a romance writer. She wanted to bring the stories created in her mind to a world of readers that would fall in love with her characters as much as she has. Keep a look out for more books in this series and future series to come.

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