It’s time for another tag! The Three Bookish Things Tag is where things come in threes so one gives three answers to every prompt.

Found this tag at Sunny Side Reviews. Check out Saniya’s answers here.

Three Read Once and Loved

Earth Fathers Are Weird (5 stars) is a sci fi romance that convinced me nerdy, tentacle-y alien boyfriends are worth getting lost in space for.

Left Hand Of Calvus (4.5 stars) is a super intense, enemies to lovers romance between a gladiator and his lanista that packs one heck of a game changing twist.

The Engineer is a fantastical, magical steampunk adventure of a federal agent and the outlaw who blew his mind.

Three Titles I’ve Watched but Not Read

I had no idea Capital Games and Happy Endings Sleepover were books.

I think I would have appreciated Capital Games better had I read the book first. Still, I thought it was a decent movie.

I really enjoyed Happy Endings Sleepover. The actors were cute. The main character had a nice accent. I felt they were faithful to the source material as much as they could.

I was motivated to investigate Maurice because I heard it had a happy ending. I watched the movie because I’m too lazy to read the book. I’m not a big fan of Hugh Grant but definitely cheering for Rupert Graves

Three Characters Couples I Love

The prompt says characters but I’m changing it to couples. These are three of the many that reduce me to squee-ing incoherent emojis.

Will Sedgwick and Martin Estabrook from Two Rogues Make A Right ✧♡〜ヾ(◍’౪`◍)ノ゙〜 ✧♡
Arthur Drams and Martin Grove from His Quiet Agent ✧♡➴✧♡ 〜(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)
Jack Reardon and Ethan Blade from Where Death Meets The Devil ✧♡➴✧♡。❣╰(⋈◍>◡<◍)╯❣。✧♡ ➴✧♡

Three Current Favorite Book Covers

Three Favorite Authors

K.J. Charles, Cat Sebastian and A.E. Via are three autobuy authors for me.

K.J. Charles always delivers top-notch historicals that are sharp, cleverly twisty and nuanced. I always loved how immersive her writing could get. And her characters!

Cat Sebastian also writes brilliant, witty historicals but hers had a fluffier edge to it. I love the humor, the cute animal antics and the warm, cozy feels. And the stories always treat the characters with kindness.

I go to A.E. Via for fun, escapist thrills. Her gags and punchlines amuses me long after I finished reading. I love how her writing has greatly improved, especially with her newer releases.

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