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REVIEW: Caulky by K.M. Neuhold

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Four Bears Construction: Caulky – K.M. Neuhold

Ren is in desperate need of a rebound fling. Lucky for him, the smoking hot contractor he hired has just the tool for the job.

The last thing I want is another relationship or another broken heart.

All I need are my bees and the occasional hookup to scratch the itch.

Okay, maybe meeting up with my hot contractor weekly is a little more than occasional. And maybe the way I’m starting to feel about the guy I’ve been anonymously chatting with online should concern me.

But CaulkyAF doesn’t want to meet, and Cole doesn’t want anything serious, so what’s the worst that could happen?

****Caulky is book 1 in the Four Bears Construction series and can be read as a stand-alone. This is a funny, steamy MM story guaranteed to make you laugh and swoon. Absolutely NO cheating and NO love triangle. This series does NOT contain shifters, it’s the OTHER kind of bears.

My first K.M. Neuhold book was a flop so I went into this merely out of curiosity. I have no interest in bears or construction workers but I was wondering why this series has such rave reviews.

First, it takes serious skills to make me like contemporary romance. Caulky drew me in from the start and kept me engaged until the end. I don’t even have a favorite character yet but I’m already rooting for all the guys and I’m looking forward to their stories

Ren just had an awful breakup in which his ex dumped him by leaving an invoice of the moving company in his kitchen table. After which, he decided to have the bathroom remodeled to his liking. The gay equivalent of getting bangs, according to his mother.

In an effort to get his ex out of his system, Ren’s bestfriend, Daniel took him to a bar to find a hook-up. The same hook-up who later turned out to be the contractor he hired for his remodeling.

Cole is one of the owners of Four Bears Construction. The other owners are his brother, Ollie, and their friends, Everett and Stone. Cole is confident and bossy. Always the player. Never been in a relationship, never will be. But there’s something about Ren that he couldn’t get enough off.

And so the two moved from one-time hookup to regular fuck buddies. They couldn’t believe how explosive the chemistry between them. Along the way they each met an online friend that truly gets them like nobody else. They connected so well, soon they were sharing everything with their respective chatmates. Inevitably, inconvenient feelings started to develop…for both hookup and that online friend they never met.

So who would it be: your awesome fuck buddy who blows your mind or your online friend whom you bare your heart? But then again, didn’t they just swear off relationships for good?

I see some GR readers shelving the book as erotica. This was what made me hesitant to read this at first. While Caulky is steamy, it has a solid plot. It has the typical amount of MM sex scenes that are well-placed and totally skippable without losing any important information. I also appreciate that the humor did not devolve into unnecessary raunchiness.

The story is low-angst and seriously fun. It took well-loved tropes and added some nice twist. Even if I know what to expect, I enjoyed the build up until the big reveal. It had a nice, easy pace and succeeded in keeping anticipation and excitement going.

Caulky certainly showcased the author’s talents in this highly entertaining tale of rebound flings, online dating and bees. It opens a new series I could binge on. It introduced a group of friends I’d love to get to know more. At it’s core, it’s a story of two people falling in love despite themselves. Sometimes, it’s not even a choice.

4 Stars – minor quibbles but I loved it to bits

Soundtrack: Come Get Me
Artist: Jenny O.
Album: Automechanic

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