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MANGA: Sukiyanen Kedo Dou Yaro Ka

Sukiyanen Kedo Dou Yaro Ka – Chiba Ryouko

After his divorce and transferred to Osaka, the only thing Soga thinks about is getting through his day. One of the things that he takes great pleasure in is going to 26-year-old Sakae’s resturuant and eating the delicious food he creates. However, he doesn’t know that Sakae sees him more than just a frequent customer…

Two equally adorable gay-for-you stories revolving around food and Sakae’s restaurant.

Although I Love You, And You?: Divorced salaryman Soga loves Sakae’s food. He was surprised Sakae loves him! After a passionate confession that he doesn’t know what to do with came awkwardness and confused feelings. To which I say, if a man doesn’t mind kissing you after you throw up dead drunk, he must really like you.

You Can’t Say You Don’t Like It If You Haven’t Tried It: Super picky eater Nakatsu is constantly bugged by fellow customer Kaname to eat veggies after noticing he never orders vegetables. Proceeded to force feed him by having Sakae cook the veggies in creative ways.

Nakatsu is a demi making a rare appearance in manga. He found himself going through the motions of romance and sex. He never enjoys being touch until he discovered he doesn’t mind Kaname touching him at all.

I liked Nakatsu’s cool suit and tie vibe and his uptight personality. I enjoyed the contrast and his dynamic with loud and pushy Kaname. Although in real life, I’d punch a guy if he gets up in my face like that.

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