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MANGA: Mahoroba No Hibi

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Mahoroba no Hibi – Hirama Matsunaga

Taka is depressed over the loss of his cat, and his best friend Tetsu is at a loss as to what he can do to make things return to normal. Then he meets Hana, a ditzy but adorable “Denpa Onna”…

Interconnected stories on the theme of ghosts and psychics

Mahoroba no Hibi: A missing cat, a weird girl and two boys who needed to let their feels out. Tragic and twisty.

Mahoroba no Nagori: A sequel of sorts, where Tetsu helped two boys let their feels out. Happy and melancholy

Kitan: Onsen rendezvous between a young man and a mysterious boy blossomed into something more permanent. Short but poignant.

Hana no Ke: Young man pining for his uncle investigates the mysterious entity his uncle is pining for. Bittersweet and optimistic.

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