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SOUNDTRACK: You Stole My Heart by My Sun and Stars, Curious by Franz Ferdinand & Sweet Chaos by Day6

Soundtrack to Frat Wars: King of Thieves by Saxon James

You Stole My Heart by My Sun and Stars for a book about one frat boy’s most guarded possession snatched by a cute enemy prince from right under his nose

I guess my heart it has a point
‘Cause you are way too cute
It was clear it would jump at you
But now please just bring it back to me
‘Cause my heart is fragile too
It can break right over you

And I’m looking everywhere
But I just realized
That you’re the reason why

‘Cause you, yes you, yes you, you
You stole my heart

Soundtrack to Frat Wars: Master of Mayhem by Saxon James

Curious by Franz Ferdinand for a book about a very curious frat boy and his obliging frat brother.

Will you want me when you’ve got me?
Are you gonna love me?
Tell me, I’m a future seeker
Heat-seeking freak
I want to know now
I’ve got to know now
No I know that no
I shouldn’t be so curious
But hell you’ve got me curious

Soundtrack to Frat Wars: Presidential Chaos by Saxon James

Sweet Chaos by Days for a book about the calm frat president and the passionate frat president turning each other’s world upside down.

The world I lived in
Has flipped over
Inside out because of you
Right is left
Left is right

My sandcastle
Has met your wave
It’s starting to break down
What do I do? Help me

Because of you, I’m losing control

It’s a sweet chaos
Ever since you entered
My life, my dreams, my future
Everything has changed

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