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    REVIEW: Savage Rivals by Becca Steele

    Savage Rivals – Becca Steele

    Asher Henderson.
    Captain of the Highnam Academy football team, and the bane of my existence.
    As Alstone High’s team captain, I’ve been pitted against him from the beginning, but our conflict isn’t only reserved for the pitch.
    Everyone knows we’re enemies. From our first encounter, our rivalry has been escalating, spiralling out of control.

    Until one night when everything between us changed.
    He pushed me too far, and we crossed a line that should never have been crossed.
    Now, I can’t get him out of my head.
    Can we ever be more than rivals, or are there too many obstacles in our way?

    One thing I know for sure.
    Things between us will never be the same again.

    Savage Rivals is a standalone M/M new adult high school romance with enemies to lovers and gay awakening themes. This book contains mature situations and content.

    I *Originally included in the Brutal Boys on Devils Night collection. This edition of Savage Rivals has been expanded with additional content.

    I stepped into Savage Rivals blind, knowing only that this is enemies to lovers as per title and not much else. I was also drawn to the narrators’ voices. This savage book immediately held me in its grip, right until the very end. This is a guaranteed one-sitter!

    It starts with two bitter rivals, football captains of competing high schools, Asher Henderson and Levi Woodford. Their teams are trying to one-up each other in the pitch and in pranks. The ball is currently in Asher’s team’s court, the boys swearing revenge for a vicious prank by Levi’s team.

    The two captains’ rivalry is legendary. It’s reaching a particularly intense peak when Levi does the unthinkable. Now, Asher and Levi still claim they hate each other but are super, super confused about certain feelings.

    Part of what makes the enemies-to-lovers trope fun is the hate part. This is what most books tend to get wrong, delivering lukewarm animosity that barely lasts a couple chapters. It’s the passionate hate that gives the flip to lust/love it’s spine-tingling zing.

    Savage Rivals did this so deliciously! The two boys nearly killing each other at knife point and then going nuclear, albeit confused, angry, but hella horny. That scene scorched my brain! Everything leading to it was a tightly wounded ball of tension skillfully woven to detonate at maximum capacity. I am a happy casualty.

    It didn’t stop there. Once the two stopped resisting the magnetic pull towards each other, they became the ultimate relationship goals. Though secretly at first. They had to find a way to break it gently to their warring teams. Many might not take kindly to the news.

    Ash is from the poorer districts, while Levi lives in a posh neighborhood. The two were surprised by how much they had in common. Their chemistry was off the charts!

    My favorite thing about them is how honest they are to each other, even as enemies. As a couple, this kept them strong, even as everyone else pushed them to fight because the school rivalry was just that bitter. They are one of the most memorable couples of this year.

    Savage Rivals is one of the swooniest romances I’ve read! It perfectly captures the blurring line between love and hate, and the bliss thereafter, in all their breathtaking glory, I exploded in a puff of squees!

    5 Stars – absolutely perfect

    Soundtrack: War of Hearts
    Artist: Ruelle
    Album: Up In Flames

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