BOOK TOUR: The Witch Brothers Saga by Adam J. Ridley (Excerpt & Giveaway + Guest Post)


Emerald Earth

The Witch Brothers Saga Book 1

by Adam J. Ridley

Genre: LGBTQ M/M Romantic Urban Fantasy


Cursed to never find love, Crea is shocked when he finds the perfect man. Choosing to fight the curse could cost him everything, including his life.

After his father cursed him, Crea has faced decades of dead end relationships. Just as he’s almost given up hope he finds a handsome stranger broken on the side of a desolate road. Once he drops the stranger off at the hospital, he figures all is done. Nothing could be further from the truth. The stranger becomes so much more as he pursues Crea, threatening the curse. Crea learns quickly falling in love is easy, but surviving a nasty cantation that’s determined to destroy you, isn’t as much.

Eli isn’t what you’d call a social person. His love for isolation in his beloved forest fully defines him. After breaking his leg in a mishap, Eli’s life is turned upside down as his life is filled with things he didn’t even dream of having before.

Unfortunately, those dreams turn to nightmares as he and Crea, the man he’s become bonded to, battle a curse that should’ve never been cast.

Crea and Eli’s bonding must be strong enough to overcome the curse, or they could both be lost, forever.

I turned to open the door again and just about jumped out of my skin when the lumberjack appeared in front of me, blocking the door.

“Fuck!” I yelled in shock.

He moved closer into my space, his energy vibrating with anger. I should’ve been afraid. Hell, he could’ve beaten me to a pulp. I wasn’t weak by any means. I worked with my body and worked hard, but I was no competition against a man with rippling muscles so nicely set upon his huge frame.

I didn’t back off. Instead, I looked squarely into his eyes.

We stood staring at one another for a good thirty seconds. Pure lust slowly replaced the anger…

That was enough to cause me to step back, but when I attempted to turn, Eli grabbed me, twirled me around and, pushing my back up against the car, kissed me hard, letting the anger flow through the kiss.

I couldn’t resist, even if I wanted to. He was pure heat, pure sex, and I thought as my mind melted that I was being kissed by some sort of forest-dwelling Greek god.

When he released me, I saw in his eyes the fire that he’d just poured into my mouth.

“You’ll keep it, god damn it, or I’ll shove it up your ass!”

It physically hurt when his hard body pulled away from me. Almost like I was under a spell, I grabbed his huge forearm, twisted him back around and reaching up, I pulled him back down for another kiss. This time I was in control, and I willed myself to show him how sorry I was for being an asshole. I willed the kiss to show him how thankful I was he’d thought of me, and created such a beautiful masterpiece.

I could feel the anger that had been in him seconds earlier slide from his body as the kiss between us melted from aggressive to something more primal and needy.

When Eli pulled away this time, the fire had been replaced with need. I could deal with that, felt more comfortable with that.

I cleared my throat, willing my voice to work. “I’m sorry for how I acted, and I don’t deserve the piece you created. I just took you to the hospital. Any decent person would’ve done that. Then, when you brought it…”

He placed his big arm on the top of the car, letting his body lean into mine.

In a soft voice that sent blood rushing into my already hard cock, he said, “It isn’t something you deserve or don’t deserve. It’s just a gift, and it’s meant to be yours. I don’t care what you do with it, except you can’t leave it here.” He pulled back then, looking at me for a long, delicious moment with those dark brown, lust-filled eyes. “You should leave now before it’s too late.”

He walked back toward the door my niece had disappeared through. After stepping inside, he closed the door behind him.


Diamond Air

The Witch Brothers Saga Book 2


Could this man be his first real chance at love, or will his curse stop it from happening? More important, could pursuing this man put both of their lives at risk?

Lance loved his grandmother, but, even though he knew it was real, he tried hard not to buy into all her witch stuff. Real enough that his homophobic father cursed him and his brothers to never find love.

Regardless of what he believed or wanted to believe, his late grandmother’s young friend and former roommate was causing him to feel things he didn’t want and didn’t trust. After all, love had only ever left him in pain.

Drew is a pragmatist. His skills with magic only heighted under the mentorship of his late friend Gwen. When Gwen’s much too sexy and arrogant grandson shows up to collect his grandmother’s things, Drew is immediately dragged into a decades long drama filled with curses and malicious hatred embodied in Lance’s father’s cantation.

The curse Lance’s father cast on him and his brothers continues to plague him. Because of their attraction, their love/hate relationship embolden’s the curse and puts both men’s lives at risk.

Will the two men learn to trust one another, or will their animosity be what the curse needs to destroy them both once and for all?


**New Release – Aug 5th 2022!!**

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Can you, for those who don’t know you already, tell something about yourself and how you became an author?


I started writing several years ago. My foster son had just come out of the closet and was having a hard time adjusting to the new lifestyle. Being an avid reader, I immediately began searching for books that he could read.


I was rather surprised by how few books were out there at the time about healthy gay male relationships. So, I began writing short stories for him. After that, I caught the bug and have been writing ever since.


Adam J. Ridley is my pen name I chose for my Urban Fantasy (UF) novels. I realized not everyone who reads my romances will want UF and certainly not all my UF readers would want to wade through my romance books. So, it just made sense to give life to Adam, with my new release of the Witch Brothers Saga.

Where were you born/grew up at?

I grew up in a tiny place, can’t really call it a town, in the middle of West Tennessee, surrounded by pine forests and farmland. Needless to say, I spent most of my childhood out in the wood playing.


I think my childhood had a lasting impact on me, especially in the world of creativity. Because I spent so much time alone out in nature, I became rather good at creating all sorts of imaginary worlds. Nowadays you can experience some of those worlds in my writing.

Who is your hero and why?


Wow, so I have several. That being said, my grandmother has to be the top of the list because she was such a big advocate of mine early on. I suffer from a list of issues that in the 1970s weren’t well known or respected… ADHD, Dyslexia, not to mention basic stubbornness.


My granny would sit down with me at night, and we’d read together in her silent living room long after my grandfather had gone to sleep. When we’d finish a book, we’d discuss them and she’d tell me her favorite parts of the story, and I’d tell her mine.


Because of her, I’m a lifelong lover of reading and learning in general. Not to mention, an author. So, yeah, she get’s the number one spot for me.


What kind of world ruler would you be?


Let’s just say it’s good I’m not the leader of the world and leave it at that… (Cue evil laughter…) LOL


What do you do to unwind and relax?


I’m such a typical book geek. There is NOTHING I love more than a good, sappy, romance novel with all the feels. Or a dark and foreboding fantasy/urban fantasy. That’s my go to for getting the world out of my head and letting myself unwind.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?


So, this is hard and something I struggled with for a long time.


I really struggled with writing in general. My pre-college education was sketchy in regard to language arts, and as such, writing scared me. I was convinced I was bad at it. However, after getting a degree that forced me to write a lot, I was able to overcome the fear enough to give creative writing a try.


It didn’t take me long to figure out how much I loved writing. Then I began to see reviews which said other people liked what they were reading.


So, long story short, I guess I didn’t consider myself a real author until I realized people actually liked what I was putting out in the world enough to buy and read them.


Do you have a favorite movie?


Oh yeah, Practical Magic will always be my favorite, then Steel Magnolias cause you know snark and tears are the best!


Which of your novels can you imagine made into a movie?


Humm… since I’m a visual writer, all my books take place visually in my mind, so to me they are already movies. 


That being said, here’s a bit of trivia. I initially began writing Taking a Chance for Love for Hallmark. Of course, it became much too sexually explicit for them as the writing continued. However, I could still see it being a movie. Of course,


If any of you are movie producers, give me a call, I’m sure we can work out some favorable terms! 😊


What literary pilgrimages have you gone on?


Oh, so this is a fun question. My hubby and I sold our homes (we had two on a 3-acre urban organic farm) and moved into a 40 foot RV five years ago.


Now, we travel around the United States exploring areas I’d only heard about before. Most of the settings in my books are a product of traveling the country.


For example, The Witch Brothers Saga is set in a part of Oregon where we spent the summer. Even thought the town, Chemeketa, doesn’t exist in real life, if you know the area between Tillamook and Lincoln City, you’ll recognize the landscape.


Adam J. Ridley is the pen name used by Blake Allwood for his urban fantasy and fantasy novels. I travel full time with my husband and two dogs in a forty-foot motor home, constantly looking for inspiration in the towns we find ourselves in.

I’ve loved fantasy all my life, and after several years of writing romance, finally took the time to try my hand at a romantic urban fantasy.

The Witch Brothers Saga is my debut series. Next year, I’ll release a Selkie series and possible my first science fiction, superhero novel as well.

Thanks for joining me on this journey and I look forward to reading your reviews on the Witch Brothers Saga.


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