Heads up! We’re doing December, January, and February! This is going to be one whopper of a wrap up so I’ll keep the verbiage to a minimum.

I was all prepared to do a big, shouty wrap-up for December on January 1 because it’s my blog’s birthday but I was hit by the slump.


This went on for a couple more months. It’s only now that I’ve gotten around to doing the wrap ups again.

I’ve mentioned before me and my sibling are thinking of launching a chocolate business. We’re expecting to launch last December but several issues came up. We are total noobs when it comes to business and chocolates so this venture is pretty much us learning as we go along.

We were overoptimistic at the beginning. We originally planned to release seven products. After a lot of product testing, we had to revise that and settle on one product with four varieties instead.

Here’s a peek at what we’ve been working on:

It’s only March but I’m already excited for FUJOCON, the virtual con for anything and everything BL. It’s on June 24-26. Registrations started a couple months back. It’s still ongoing so go, go go! if you haven’t registered yet. Here’s their website: https://www.fujocon.com.

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  • Silent KnightLayla Reyne (4 stars) suspense, action, contemporary romance, friends to lovers, ex-military, assassin, family, betrayal, hacker, law enforcement, police chief, pansexual, mystery, crime, angst, slow burn
  • The Former Assassin’s Guide to Snagging a Reluctant BoyfriendAlice Winters (3 stars) contemporary romance, humor, assassin, mystery, action, found family, police officer, law enforcement, slow burn
  • PsychoOnley James (5 stars) psychological thriller, dark, suspense, action, paranormal, psychic, psychopath, professor, stalker, family, vigilante, mystery, crime


  • Winter Of The OwlIris Foxglove (4.5 stars) fantasy, forced proximity, insta-attraction, fish out of water, mystery, wilderness survival, mates, dom, sub, cozy, animals, scholar, fluff
  • Play DirtyOnley James & Neve Wilder (5 stars) suspense, action, mystery, dark, assassin, enemies to lovers, interracial, crime
  • Head GamesOnley James & Neve Wilder (2.5 stars) suspense, action,, mystery, dark, assassin, psychiatrist, forced proximity, crime
  • Never Stay GoneTal Bauer (3.5 stars) police procedural, mystery, serial killer, law enforcement, sheriff deputy, ranger, second chance, high school sweethearts, drama, angst


  • A Touch Of FeverNazri Noor (4 stars) urban fantasy, paranormal, action, adventure, magic, mage, friendship, mystery, enemies to lovers, childhood friends, neighbors, magical creatures
  • Death Tells A TaleFelice Stevens writing as A.P. Eisen (3.5 stars) police procedural, mystery, cold case, law enforcement, police detective, established couple, friendship
  • Madison Square MurdersC.S. Poe (3 stars) police procedural, mystery, cold case, law enforcement, police detective, opposites attract, forensic artist, troubled marriage, disability, angst, serial killer



Short Films


That’s it for now. Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and peaceful spring.

Thanks for reading!

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