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    MANGA: Iimon Warumon

    Iimon Warumon – Yamada Papiko

    Narasaki Naoto was born into a family of thieves. After committing a marriage scam, he is arrested and taken to the upscale apartment of elite detective, Oogaki Kaoru.

    “I became a detective in order to distort that pretty face of yours.”

    As the good-looking Kaoru with a stalker tendency calmly says that, Naoto slowly warms up to him as their peculiar living arrangement starts. A love story of captivity between a forceful detective x con artist.

    Good Things, Bad Things is a psychological drama between an elite detective and the con man he kept captive.

    Naoto and Kaoru go way back. Then high schooler Naoto caught a glimpse of Kaoru’s devastated face and became obsessed. Now adults, the detective’s sole purpose was to have Kaoru. Meanwhile, Kaoru is trying very hard to leave his criminal life. With the two in forced proximity, one of them is bound to snap.

    I really liked that both characters are equally fucked up. However, I felt something was lacking. The psychological aspect seems to be holding back. I was expecting Stalking Killing levels of psycho craziness, too bad it kept things milder than I would have liked.

    On the other hand, how the connection between Naoto and Kaoru gradually gained strength was spectacularly portrayed in their tumultuous everyday interactions. The magnetic pull towards each other was something both couldn’t seem to escape. There’s a lot of push and pull that frequently result in them having sex. There are a few dub con moments here.

    I grabbed this because of the cover and the blurb. I loved the character designs, especially how the eyes were drawn. How they reflected the characters’ feelings, at least visually, came across with intensity and madness. Look at how they stare at each other!

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