Before the first month of 2022 is over, I thought it would a good time to do a post that recalls the past year and looks forward to the new year ahead. I’ll be doing my December and January wrap-up soon but I found this tag at just the right time. So here goes…

Found this tag on Berries and Books. It was originally from Youtube by Jan Agaton.

What was the last (& first, if you remember) book you read last year?

The first manga and book I read last year were pretty memorable.

Just When I Thought I Came Here to Die is a hilarious one-shot about a desperate young man who was saved by a mysterious masked individual from hanging himself. I loved this manga so much I read it multiple times. Hitman Vs Hitman was also super fun! It ticked a lot of boxes especially the enemies-to-lovers and hitmen tropes.

The last manga I read was the psychological drama, Dispar. I didn’t like the MCs that much but the story was very riveting. The last book I read was the dark romantic suspense, Psycho. This one was perfect! It landed on MY TOP 10 READS OF 2021.

What is your first read this year?

My first manga this year was Mitsumei, a spy/mafia forbidden romance set in Russia. I liked the artwork more than the story. The first book I read was a police procedural, coming out story, Life Lessons. It was first published in 2011 then re-edited. I had a curious feeling while reading this because it felt somewhat old-ish, at the same time, current.

Share 3 of your reading goals this year.

I’m not really one for setting reading goals other than some general feeling of wanting to read more than 100 books this year. I was disappointed I was only able to finish 70 books last year. My record is 149 back in 2018.

Share 3 of your most anticipated titles.

Actually, my most awaited titles are all the yet unreleased Necessary Evils books. I’m crazy about those Mulvaney boys! The latest cover reveal is Avi’s book.

There’s also Gillian and Gunnar. They have the most fantastical adventures! I can’t wait for more awesome displays of magic in The Doctor!

The Aster Valley boys are all wonderful. All the books have been fabulous so far. It’s Julian’s turn to get his man in the soon-to-be-revealed cover, Thick As Thieves.

Which goals did you reach/not reach last year?

I used to be a lot more diligent in reviewing every book I read. But my work life became too hectic plus we had a medical crisis in the family. There were days when I just wasn’t in the right headspace to write. I learned to forgive myself for missing a post.

Are there new releases this year you’ve heard of that you have no desire to read?

Ever since I read the first couple Hazard & Somerset books, I could no longer bear going through the rest. I found the heartbreaking parts too painful to read. I see the new books in the latest arcs being released. I feel wistful about it but I don’t think I could wade through all those angst.

I also couldn’t read any T.J. Klune books anymore. The last book I attempted was Brothersong. I wanted to love it so much because of my fondness for the Bennett pack but the writing was too repetitive.

What are some reading habits you want to change this year, if any?

I always get this urge to pick up a new book whenever I’m in the middle of the current one. Most of the time, there’s nothing really wrong with what I’m reading but I don’t know, I just get this itch. I want to learn how to stick to one, or at most, finish three of the many I’m currently reading first before starting on a new one.

Are there any adaptations you’re excited about?

Favorite bookish memory of last year?

One of the best bookish things I discovered last year was the silent reading sessions over Zoom. It’s great because I could have actual conversations about books with other people from different parts of the country in the safety of my own home. It’s a setup perfect for highly-introverted people a.k.a. shut-ins like me.

Also one of my favorite things from last year were the virtual cons. I was able to attend Fujocon and was super privileged to watch live drawing + Q&A sessions with two mangaka, Scarlet Beriko and Nacolat. I was bummed to miss audiobook narrator Nick J. Russo’s session. It was scheduled 1 am my time and I fell asleep before it came on. I was lucky to wake up just in time for the MM authors panel so it wasn’t a total loss for me.

The other con I attended was the Big Gay Fiction Podcast festival last December. This had a holiday theme. It was fun to learn what inspired the holiday stories and the holiday traditions the authors have. I hope they expand this festival to a more general theme this year.

Carryovers from last year that you still plan on finishing?

Last year wasn’t a year for historicals. I can’t remember any I read. I was even seriously struggling with the Will Darling Adventures. I know objectively that it’s as brilliant as they say but it’s not sticking that well. I really want to see this through though.

Wish is another one I want to finish but is also not hooking me as much as I want it to. Real Danger was a much-anticipated book but sadly not that gripping either. I will attempt to finish these two books for the sake of series completion.

What are your most memorable reads of last year?
What book and adaptations are you looking forward to this year?


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