1. Earth Fathers Are Weird – Lyn Gala

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A sweet, beautifully executed love story of two people who not only came from worlds galaxies apart but were of completely different species. How they bridged the gap that spanned this divide was an absolute joy to witness.

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Soundtrack: Space Age Love Song by A Flock Of Seagulls

2. The Murder Between Us – Tal Bauer

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This book totally slayed me!

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Soundtrack: The Space Between by Dave Matthews Band

3. Claimings – Lyn Gala

One of the most achingly tender and breathtakingly beautiful love stories out there.

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Soundtrack: Protect by High Sunn
Soundtrack: It Would Be An Honor by Night Terrors Of 1927

4. The Gangster – C.S. Poe

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It went all out with the action, the suspense, the mystery, the imagery and the magic while delivering a wonderful romance that is as tender as it is spine-tingling.

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Soundtrack: Burn It Down by AWOLNATION

5. The Night Of – Tal Bauer

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An experience worthy of the Presidential Seal of Approval.

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Soundtrack: Night by Zola Jesus

6. Waking Bel – Jocelynn Drake

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This is the most perfectly choreographed threesome dynamics there is!

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Soundtrack: Wake Me by Message To Bears

7. Psycho – Onley James

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This one’s a keeper!

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Soundtrack: I Always Knew by The Vaccines

8. Exposed – H.L. Day

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Gritty, suspenseful, thrilling, and deeply moving.

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Soundtrack: I’ll Fall With Your Knife by Peter Murphy

9. Down Low – Parker St. John

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Yeah, quite a ride this one!

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Soundtrack: Son of a Preacher Man by The John Does

10. The Elite – Ella Frank & Brooke Blaine

This Top-Gun homage is a dream come true!

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Soundtrack: Dangerous Animals by Arctic Monkeys
Soundtrack: High Speed by Coldplay
Soundtrack: Cool With You by Hers

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Hope you enjoyed this list!

What books made it to your top 10 in 2021?

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