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SOUNDTRACK: Safety by Yoke Lore

Soundtrack to This Is Not Revenge by Romilly King

It was hard to find a song for this book. The songs about Stockholm Syndrome I found didn’t feel right. They were too negative, mostly about feeling used and abused in a relationship. I wanted a song that felt more positive because for all the wrongness of his methods, Gil had good intentions. He really wanted to protect Leo.

I finally picked Safety by Yoke Lore because it’s a song about protection. There’s a spiritual aspect to it that I relate to how Gil sees the world as well as a part that talks about not wanting to be let go which I relate to Leo.

You are as perfect as all the seven days of creation, god must have loved it / Salt leaves and door screens, blood bed and night screams / I’ll be your safety, if you’ll be my safety / But soon I will try to fly out and leave you / But please don’t believe me, tie weights to my feet”


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