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MANGA: Novalis: Kimi wa Boku no Chimera

ノヴァリス―きみは僕のキメラ― (GUSH COMICS) | 夏河シオリ |本 | 通販 ...

Novalis: Kimi wa Boku no Chimera – Natsukawa Shiori

A collection of stories about Novalis, animal/human hybrids, and their owners

Thing You Give To Me: Fluffier than fluff story about Hayato who adopted a baby Novalis, Kuro, only to wake up one day with the baby transformed into a fully grown adult! Talk about growth spurts! We must protect Kuro at all cost!

The Reason You Are Here: Aki, an abandoned Novalis, was found in the streets by the kind hearted doctor who lost no time patching him up. Feels ensued. This one has darker undertones compared the first story.

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