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    MANGA: The Aesthetic Of Good Looking

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    The Aesthetic Of Good Looking – Penguin

    “Hyung is pretty.” Even after being warned not to, Hong Seowoo, overdoes it and gets drunk at his club’s welcoming party. The next day, he wakes up in the clubroom and realizes that not only did he miss his morning class, but while he was asleep…he’s been holding hands with a stranger, who also happens to be a man — one of the club’s new recruits and Seowoo’s junior, Baek Dohyeon. Drawn into joining the club after seeing him, Dohyeon plans on gaining Seowoo’s affections, even if it is proving to be quite the challenge.

    Went fast and left me hanging.

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    REVIEW: Sinner’s Ransom by M.D. Gregory

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    Criminal Delights: Taken: Sinner’s Ransom – M.D. Gregory

    Montgomery Booker has it all—good looks, an inheritance, and an endless list of hookups. He uses his social elite influence to bully, manipulate, and blackmail, and he’s not ashamed of it. Quite the contrary, he enjoys it. But when he’s kidnapped, forced into ropes and gagged, he discovers the consequences of his actions when no one cares enough to send help. 

    Stone and his crew have one job: kidnap a spoiled, pretty boy and hit up his rich daddy for cash. When dear old dad refuses to pay the ransom, Stone switches to plan B. The torture he delivers doesn’t have the effect he expects on Montgomery though, and Stone savors every cry that leaves his pretty mouth. 

    If someone finally comes for Montgomery, will he be able to walk away from the man who made him feel this kind of delicious pain? And will Stone let him? 

    Themes: Kidnapping, stockholm syndrome, breathplay, pain play. 
    Genre: Very dark gay romance, psychological fiction.

    This story is part of the CRIMINAL DELIGHTS series. Each book is a standalone story with the theme of dark, gay romance.

    I expected this to be action-packed. I expected some BDSM or maybe blood. What I didn’t expect was this to be funny.

    LOLing at Monty who could not shut his mouth even if his life literally depended on it. And he was asking for it, again literally, asking to be punched and choked and hurt and would happily suck anybody for a hot shower. Also him and Conall, Sloane’s boy, bonding and comparing notes on who’s more fucked up, the guy who wears a collar and acts like a pet or the guy who likes fucking his kidnapper. Guess who won.

    I’m not even going to bother with the insta-attraction and the lack of build up because we’re talking about a spoiled rich brat who acts on impulse though Stone I would have expected to be tougher and more menacing. The guy was just too nice and lenient even if he says he’s not. His threats felt like they lack teeth and the “training” was too easy. Monty was hardly treated as a prisoner. He was locked in a stifling room. He was occasionally tied up but he was still more or less the bratty demanding brat who needed to be taught to behave. Heck, he even got his hair shampooed by Stone.


    “Yeah.” Montgomery frowned at Stone. “Why are you being nice?”

    “Aren’t I always nice?” Stone’s lips twisted into an amuse grin.

    “No.” Montgomery grinned and laid his arms along the edge of the bath. He leaned closer until their lips were inches apart. “But I like it when you’re not nice too”

    SInner’s Ransom was more of a kidnapping how-to than action suspense. A major part of the story is about Stone’s gang creating a ransom demand video for Monty’s father, a man who couldn’t care less about his son. The gang worked with Sloan Killough, a New York mob boss, and together they tried to make Monty a believable kidnap victim.

    “The first scene will be Montgomery, struggling, crying. Everything a kidnapped man does, everything that your boy is currently not doing. He’s very comfortable for somebody who’s been kidnapped.”

    He’s so comfortable he’s making suggestions! And making sure the gang gets the money!

    Sloane and Conall nearly stole the show and Ardan, the assassin who appears on another Criminal Delights installment, I’m super excited to read his book.

    I enjoyed this grey romance story. I liked the humor and met interesting characters. There are some elements that might not be that convincing but I still find the Stockholm Syndrome aspect believable even if it happened in a span of only a few days. And though Richard Booker would rather keep his money than save his son, Stone and his crew made sure the asshole got what he deserved. Monty got all the punishment he wanted and he finally learned how to say “please“.


    Other Criminal Delights books here

    3.5 Stars – that place between like and love

    Soundtrack: Bellevue Bridge Club
    Artist: Andrew Bird
    Album: My Finest Work Yet

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    And I will hold you hostage
    Make you part of my conspiracy
    You will be witness to carnage
    You know there’s no you without me

    I’m gonna shake you
    Till it wakes you, yeah
    From your waking dream
    Show you affecting scenes
    Of life beyond your front door
    I will exploit you
    Then conscript you
    For my narrative schemes
    Show you distressing scenes
    I’m gonna drag you from your bed onto the floor
    By any means necessary
    By any means necessary
    By any means necessary

    I’m gonna dig up what you buried, yeah
    By any means necessary

    There you go again
    Finding brilliant ways to make things harder
    Are we smarter alone or in this endless Stockholm syndrome?
    Here’s what is known
    We’re gonna break this two-way mirror

    I’m gonna shake you, break you
    By any means necessary
    By any means necessary
    By any means necessary
    By any means necessary (Til some)
    By any means necessary (Some day)
    By any means necessary (Whoa, some sweet day)

    We will be playing bridge on the psych ward
    With Arthur, Jane and Lou
    We will be playing bridge on the psych ward
    With Barbara, Gene and Sue
    Whoa, and if you ever start to get bored
    You know there’s no one to blame but you

    And I will hold you hostage
    Make you part of my conspiracy
    You will be witness to carnage
    You know there’s no you without me