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Soundtrack to Fool’s Gold by Ki Brightly & M.D. Gregory

Gold by Loi for a book about a bad boy, a good boy and the complicated world that tried to tear them apart.

The sun leaves, and I’m waving goodbye, but these
Street lights, they still shining bright, lately
I was getting kinda used to the dark
But it never got too close to my heart (eh-ayy)

But then I saw you walk through the room, and your
Sweet eyes, they were shining through every
Little corner ’til our eyes would meet
And suddenly it’s all I can see-e-e

All these complications
Lonely isolations
I can see them fade away

I can feel the sunshine in my life
I’m just a little happier by your side
Hold my hand when I need you the most
It’s your love that is weighted in gold

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