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SOUNDTRACK: All Over You by Live & Be There by Seafret

Soundtrack to Monstrous: Soul Eater by Lily Mayne

All Over You by Live for a book a monster and a human who fell in love and the evil powers that deemed their union an abomination

our love is like water
pinned down and abused for being strange
our love is no other
than me alone for me all day
our love is like water/angels pinned down and abused

all over you, all over me
the sun, the fields, the sky
I’ve often tried to hold
the sea the sun, the fields, the tide

Soundtrack to Monstrous: Edin by Lily Mayne

Be There by Seafret for a book about a soldier who lost everything and the monster who gave him everything he could ever want

I lost everything
I threw myself in and you took me
Where no one was there

Well you can take what you need
Take the air that I breathe
And I’ll give away all that I own
Whatever I lose
Is put back by you in a way
That you’ll never know

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