BOOK BLAST: Dungeon Integration by Teodora Georgieva (Excerpt)

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Book Blast & Excerpt:
Dungeon Integration
By Teodora Georgieva

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Cosmos Shared Universe, Book 2

An m/m fantasy novel with sci-fi elements, and comedic undertones.

In a world where happiness can be bottled, a dungeon core is displaced from his home when a baby dungeon core sprouts in his backyard.

He’s lucky that a human who is also an immigrant in the Cosmos has grown attached to him. Nathaniel agrees to help Tim spread his influence over the planet Ursula 590.

The problem? Well, dungeon cores might be as numerous as mushrooms in the New Cosmos, but they are unknown in the Cosmos. From petitions to kidnapping attempts, the integration of one World Dominating Dungeon Core has never been as complicated. And, if he can’t win the citizens of Ursula 590 over, then, he will be cast out into outer space.

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I better collect my thoughts about them now, before I forget. So, emotions. They can be bottled. And not in the unhealthy way, we do it on Earth. It is not like you feel numb, after bottling your emotions, or you get holes in your memory. It is a perfectly harmless way to share what you are feeling with the world. Even children do it. Even I do it.

My in-law, Constantine, I think I have mentioned him a couple of times. Well, he used to be a professional happiness bottler, and did it all without being on a constant sugar high.

How he managed to keep himself happy long enough to support himself with it, is beyond me. Daniel, my cousin, also bottles his emotions. He got me into doing the same. I use the emotions I bottle, to barter for things in the New Cosmos.

In my bottomless bag, something that I was given by Dorothea as a gift, when I started working for Manacom, I have all the potions I bottled during the weekend. Plus, a couple
of Daniel and Constantine’s. Daniel is 41, while I am 25. I have been a citizen of the Cosmos for the last five months, but have been living in there and traveling between the two dimensions for the past year. I really should mention that in my next vlog entry.

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About the Author:

Teodora is someone whose greatest passion is telling stories. Not just any stories, but stories that are all about love, no matter the gender of the people involved in the romance.
She is often lost in one fantasy world or the other, with the occasional excursion into space, in the early hours of the morning.
Her Muse has a preference for romance rotating around men loving men. The two of them don’t argue often on that, and are determined to write 100 books.

Connect with Teodora:
Contact the author at: [email protected].


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