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SOUNDTRACK: Heal Me by Snow Patrol

Soundtrack to The Formicary: Cross by S.E. Harmon

Heal Me by Snow Patrol for a book about a broken amnesiac android assassin, the sweet, gentle doctor he could never forget, and the mad narcissist who played god.

Can you heal me, baby?
I’ve been dancing in this fire for way too long
But I kind of like it
Oh I like it ’cause it’s more dangerous than me
There’s a siren somewhere
But I’m pretty sure it’s only in my head
So tell me how’d you hear it?
Is there something supernatural in your bones?

Oh this is love like wildness coursing through you like a drug
And this is hurt like kindness breaking you with gentle hands

I call out your name, it feels like a song I know so well
And it whispers and roars like an orchestra
You call out my name like no one before, it sounds like I
Am called to a home that I never had

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