November breezed by twice as fast, twice as heavy.

This month saw me working shitty 10-hour days. That’s all I’ll say about my office woes. Don’t want to bore you guys.

My more exciting news is that my sibling and I just started on a new project! My younger sibling got into baking and they came to me with the idea of starting a chocolate business. They introduced me to the concept of chocolate barks and novel chocolate bar designs. I jumped in right away. So on top of my work and this blog, we are currently developing and testing products and working on the nitty gritty aspects of putting together a business.

True to form, our chocolates are going to be inspired by the music we grew up with. I can’t wait to share them here! I’ll keep you guys posted once we have our website up.

I was also invited by a BL website to do book reviews for them. I had to turn them down because I had a lot on my plate right now. I even missed a couple of my regular posts because I was too exhausted to write.

All in all, I was two kinds of tired this month. Bad tired because of my stupid day job. Good tired because of all the enthusiastic preparations for our chocolate business.

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Except for old favorite Half Alive, this month’s playlist is packed with new-to-me artists. Starting with alternative RnB singer Jelani Aryeh, indie band Hippo Campus, alternative act Arlie and super-hard-to-google artist Mango. November also has the most female singers with Youtuber Malinda, singer-songwriter Zola Jesus, and male/female vocals trio Between Friends.


  • Beautiful MistakesFelice Stevens (4.5 stars) contemporary romance, frenemies to lovers, friendship, second chance, lawyer, fashion stylist, angst, hurt comfort, secrets, virgin, demisexual
  • Hostile TakeoverLucy Lennox (4.5 stars) contemporary romance, second chance, enemies to lovers, billionaire, family drama, humor, forced proximity, fake boyfriends, bisexual awakening, corporate setting, out for you
  • The Night OfTal Bauer (5 stars) romantic suspense, angst, hurt comfort, grief, murder mystery, politicians, secret service agent, second chance, out for you, in the closet, friendship

I didn’t set it out as such but November turned out to be second chance romance month. I was only able to read three books but all are fabulous. All of them touched upon couples who needed that second time around magic. All have blue covers too.

The Night Of is romantic suspense perfection brought to life by a skilled audiobook narrator who emoted the heck out of it.

Much anticipated Beautiful Mistakes and Hostile Takeover both made good on their promise to deliver swoony enemies-to-lovers goodness.


All three manga have beautiful artwork. Old-Fashioned Cupcake has the best story.


Short Film


That wraps up November. Looking forward to December because I got plenty of days off. Yay for the holiday!

Thank you for reading!

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