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    MANGA: Koi no Mimiyori Chuuihou

    Koi no Mimiyori Chuuihou – Okuyama Puku

    Hajime can’t wait to make the scene at his high school……… but his dreams of coolness are soon dashed by the appearance of the weird and wily Nagura! A third-year elite student with a serious thing for perfect ears, Nagura will stop at nothing ’til he’s swabbed Hajime to his heart’s content! How long can this pair of almost friends keep their cat-and-mouse game going? Warning! Whispers of Love tickes your senses with astrange and sweet tale of bold obsession, braving obstacles……… and plenty of surprise crushes! Two cute guys give their all in a playful tug-of-war where no one’s sure who’s calling the shots… Which one will get everything he desires……… before the final school bell rings?

    Of all the silly, ridiculous plots… ʱªʱªʱª (ᕑᗢूᓫ∗)

    Warning! Whispers of Love is two idiots going on a merry chase all over the campus because sempai wants to clean kohai’s ears.

    Resist he might but as expected, kohai couldn’t help but slowly fall for sempai. But dare he let sempai do it to him? Clean his ears that is…

    The title story is already super hilarious. It’s extra funny to me because I’m one of those people who have a Q-tip addiction. I feel the issue of itchy ears is not talked about enough. We should have a Q-tip addiction support group. Who’s with me?

    The adorableness of the story is perfectly matched by the kawaii art. I’ve always loved how the mangaka drew her characters. They look so floofy!!!

    The volume also includes one shots of slightly less ridiculous but still cute stories.

    My Room is a roommates to lovers stories of a Tokyoite who found himself falling for the stranger he agreed to live with for two weeks. This has the most subdued and melancholy mood.

    Beyond The Lens is a reunited childhood friends to lovers romance of two high schoolers. This is the least interesting chapter for me. The characters were pretty generic, The story was so-so.

    Tomorrow, Dogday, Sunny and Clear a.k.a. cockblocked by a corgi is one high schooler competing with a dog for his boyfriend’s attention. This one’s a riot. And hella frustrating because boy badly needs to get some.

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    MANGA: Senobi no Housoku

    Senobi no Housoku – Okuyama Puku

    A transfer student enters the class of Kousuke, a second-year in high school. Raku is tall and good-looking, the exact opposite of the shrimpy Kousuke, and very popular with the girls. Kousuke was jealous of Raku at first, until Raku comes clean about a certain secret, and asks Kousuke not to tell anyone. Ever since then, Raku seems to have taken a liking to Kousuke, and all of a sudden, they become really close! This is a high-school romantic-comedy about a mismatched pair!

    This is a hyper-energetic, slow burn, slice-of-life story of two dorks who fell in love before they even realized it’s happening. The title translates to “The Rule Of Standing On Tiptoe”, referencing the height difference between the two MCs.

    Chibi Kousuke met the tall Raku on the first day of school and they hit it off right away. The two, together with their group of quirky friends, navigate daily school life and beyond.

    The story covers the year Kousuke and Raku’s relationship develop. The two each have his own hangups. Kousuke has issues with his height. Raku, who is half-American, wants to keep his ethnicity a secret because people tend to treat him differently. He went as far as dyeing his blonde hair brown and wearing black contact lenses.

    These are not something they’re really angsty about but these run throughout the story. It’s also part of the reason why Raku was drawn to Kousuke. He did not make a big deal about Raku’s ethnicity and he kept it a secret.

    There’s an unexpected love triangle at latter part. It wasn’t the annoying, thankfully. I want Hane, the third wheel, to have his own spinoff.

    All the mangaka’s stories I read had so far been kawaii overload. This is no exception. Even the secondary characters were adorbs. I want to be friends with them. Everything looks so fun! It made me nostalgic about high school.

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    Mayoke no Darling – Okuyama Puku

    At the university’s badminton club’s freshmen welcome party, everyone is scared stiff when the scary-looking Tougo introduces himself. The fearless (or maybe just clueless) freshmen Haruka ends up sharing a taxi home with Tougo… and while everyone else trembles in fear before him, Haruka finds him handsome.

    Mayoke no Darling: Akuma-sempai falls for airhead-kohai. Kohai discovers sempai’s true nature. Fluff-tastic fluff follows!   

    Red String of Fate: Pugs bring two schoolmates together. Animal-hating Fuuta learns skinship from Takuya. Proceeds to fall in love with the dog and the human. Cute!

    (source: https://mangarock.com)

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    Ichi Ni no San! – Okuyama Puku

    Since middle school Bun-chan has been hanging out with the male/female childhood friend duo that is Choco and Suzu. And he’s jealous of their closeness—partly because he wishes he could just generally be as close to them as they are to each other, but he has another reason: he’s in love with Choco, and it seems like just a matter of time before Choco and Suzu start dating. Choco constantly denies it, though–Suzu is like his adorable twin sister. Nonetheless, Bun has never bothered getting his hopes up. And even if Suzu’s adorableness wasn’t a part of the equation, it’s not like Bun could ever tell Choco that he accidentally happened to fall for him one day when the boob-loving Choco jokingly groped his chest and Bun got aroused by it. So Bun is mostly happy with just being friends—him, Choco and Suzu forever! Or at least, that’s what he’d intended…

    This one’s got fluff and cute written all over it.

    (source: http://www.mangahere.co)