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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:
By Romilly King

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Malicious Gods: Egypt Series

Khonsu the traveller, Khonsu the healer, Khonsu the god betrayed and abused, enduring in agony down through the centuries, waiting to be free.

Tortured, diminished, encased in stone I rage, and suffer, and rage again.

Through the sand and mud above my head I hear the muffled cries of my people fading away. The chisels fall silent on Trajan’s Kiosk when a roman pretends to be pharaoh. The prayers no longer come. Egypt is no more. I would mourn for my sweet Nile child but my heart is a shrivelled thing now, bitter in its bonds, persisting in pain.

I sink into fantasies of revenge, and remembered pleasure, and revenge again.

I hear him, betrayer, apostate, as he scratches through life after life, unfulfilled and needy. Trying and failing to make things right. We will meet again, immortality makes that inevitable, and then he will help me home. Back to the Nile, to the red sands and the black mud, the inundation and the reed beds, to the temple floored in silver, and the ceiling of painted stars. That dream keeps me almost sane.

When this prison shatters around me, I will use him, and abuse him, and use him again.

I will bind him to me with all the deviant acts he secretly desires. His soul cries out its need to atone, and with his guilt I will engineer my way back, to where the praises are singing and the sunlight will burn the degradation away. I will make it as though this never happened, it will all be just another blue lotus dream in the mind of a god.

Khonsu is a time twisting paranormal suspense with themes of revenge and guilt, and how to exquisitely hurt the ones we love, if they need it.

Welcome to the dark world of Malicious Gods: Egypt. A collection of standalone modern tales, both magical and non-magical, featuring deities from Ancient Egypt. You’ll find reincarnated Gods, assassins, gangs, madness, and different realities. Expect high heat and morally ambiguous themes. Seductive and often twisted, they are not for the fainthearted

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Here’s a Steamy (NSFW) Excerpt:

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Khonsu is a dark gay paranormal suspense with high heat, dubious consent, inappropriate use of mummy bandages, and a god that is maybe not as malicious as he seems.

This extract comes from the middle of the story. Rem Hayes, mediocre archaeologist, last heir to a family that spent most of the 19th and 20th century wandering around the ancient world helping themselves to bits of it, finds himself alone in the crumbling family mansion. He has recently found a statue that belongs in a museum. He’s rather enamoured of it.

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I realise I’m drunk when I get up to close the library window against the moths and stumble against the panelling, giggling. The window is swollen in place and I can’t close it.

I struggle with it fruitlessly, inept and clumsy.

“Fuck it.”

Instead, I turn the lights off to deter the moths. I would try and close the curtains, but they would probably fall on me. Or, there would be even more moths hidden in their dusty folds.

“A veritable plague, like locusts or stuff.”

I make it back to the library table and fall into my chair. It creaks under me.

“Drunkenness is good,” I tell the statue. “Drunkenness brings you closer to your gods. If this was Egypt, your home, my being this pissed would be considered a holy thing. But you know that, obviously.”

The face of the statue stares back at me, sultry of eyes and sensuous of mouth.

I lick my lips, imagining how it would feel to trace such a tempting mouth with my tongue.

People talk about the eyes of the statues, how exotic they are, how alien and enticing with their wings of kohl and jewelled stare.

Me, I’m a sucker for the mouths.

I laugh at the pun.

The line of the lips calls to me. Always sealed shut, I want to see them open. I want to push my tongue between them. So plump and pouting. I want them warm and alive beneath my own.

I run a thumb over my own lower lip. My eyes feel heavy. Arousal coils low in my belly.

This is the kind of man I would want, if I got the choice. Someone imperious and blank who would look at me and lose control.

I want to drive stone to passion.

My tongue dabs the pad of my thumb, imagining I touch rigid lips, tempting them to break, to bite, to take.

I don’t think I have ever driven anyone to do unspeakable things, but I want to.

I’m hard, and I press my hand to my erection, widening my legs.

In real life, I’m all about consent and mutual pleasure. In my fantasies, I want to be taken. I want to fight back and be taken some more.

I close my eyes, and the room spins—bad idea.

I open them again, and Khonsu is staring at me. How would a god touch? Would he even ask permission? I fucking hope not.

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About the Author:

Romilly King is the author of the bestselling mm romances and gay thrillers.

Rom has a classical education, degrees in sociology and psychology, and has spent a long time poking around the ruins and living myths of the Middle East, so much so that it colours every story in one way or another.

Romilly writes kink and sex positive LBGTQ+ fiction, makes no apology for that, and thinks the best thing you can be is kind.

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