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I found this @SoumyaThomasMatthew. The tag was originally created by Poorwa.

There are 50 questions so I’ll just make this quick…


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FRIENDS or INTERNET – the internet is my friend

POP or ROCK – rock

PHONE CALL or TEXT – phone call for emergencies, text for everything else

MORNING or EVENING – sooo NOT a morning person

APARTMENT or HOUSE – house because I have more room for pets

INSTAGRAM or TWITTER – twitter because I’m not good at taking photos

DAY or NIGHT – I hate the sun

MOBILE GAMES or CONSOLE GAMES – mobile games are cheaper

While doing something: MUSIC or PODCAST – mostly music but podcast if there are new updates

BOOK or MOVIE – mostly book but movie if there’s something really interesting

RAIN or SNOW – snow because I haven’t experienced it yet

CAKE or PIE – dark chocolate cake

SWIMMING or SUNBATHING – sunbathing is the surest way to look like a raisin, not keen on getting wet either

COMEDY or HORROR – comedy because the worst part about horror is not when you’re watching the movie, it’s the moment when you close your eyes in the shower and start recalling the images

AQUARIUM or ZOO – not really into fish but I haven’t been to an aquarium yet

BIG PARTY or SMALL GATHERING – no gathering really

NEW CLOTHES or NEW PHONE – I love clothes

RICH FRIEND or LOYAL FRIEND – rich loyal friend if I’m lucky

FLOWERS or TREES – not into flowers but I miss climbing trees

WORK HARD or PLAY HARD – I work really hard at my hobbies

NICE CAR or NICE HOME INTERIOR – I have no car and no intention of buying one


JOGGING or HIKING – I love walking

MILK or JUICE – milk for coffee, juice for when I’m craving for something sweet

BLUE or GREY – definitely grey

STRAIGHT or CURLY HAIR – I look better with straight hair

FRUITS or VEGETABLES – vegetables for meals, fruits for desserts

ROSES or DAISIES – not into flowers

MONEY or FAME – I like my privacy so money definitely

Receive: EMAIL or LETTER – emails are faster, I miss collecting stationeries though

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PASSENGER or DRIVER – passenger so I could just sit back and relax

WATCH or PLAY – for karaoke, I watch, for videogames, I play

Someone INTELLIGENT or FUNNY – I’d like to think intelligent people have a good sense of humor

MOUNTAINS or BEACHES – I like cities


MONEY or FREE TIME – Money for my free time because I don’t know how to make money on my free time

IRON MAN or CAPTAIN AMERICA – I love Cap but Tony Stark is a genius

VIDEO GAMES or BOARD GAMES – Video games when alone, board games when with friends

SINGING or DANCING – I don’t do either

LONG HAIR or SHORT HAIR – hair like a bishounen

Cat and dog are ⁣taking a bath together. - KeepGif

CATS or DOGS – love em both!

CLEANING or COOKING – you still have to clean after you cook 🙁

WINTER or SUMMER – I sweat a lot so winter

NINJAS or PIRATES – I wanted to be a ninja when I grow up

SWEATER or HOODIE – hoodie because there’s a zipper on the front

WORKING ALONE or WORKING IN A TEAM – working alone at home while still being part of a team

SAVE or SPEND – need to save for that retirement because I’m old

MEAT or VEGETABLES – I love veggies and not just because I’m a vegetarian

HONESTY or OTHER’S FEELINGS – honesty is usually my policy unless forced to do otherwise

Happy Tuesday!


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