1. Handled – Romilly King

Gray is the book you don’t skip to the last page of to see if your guesses are right. Gray is the book you read slowly and savour.”

Reviews of Book 1, Book2 and Book 3 here and here.

2. Seducing the Sedgwicks: Two Rogues Make a Right – Cat Sebastian


These are two precious dorks! Protect at all cost!

Review here.

3. Nothing Special VII: Ex Meridian – A.E. Via

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Ex seeing Meridian in the truest light.
Meridian giving Ex the world. Ex doesn’t even need to ask. ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)
The baddest, toughest alpha pair of ’em all!

Review here.

4. The Bounty Hunters: Promises Part 4 – A.E. Via

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Thank you for being a fighter. You heard me, well before I could speak… and you never ran from me…”

Review here.

5. The Remaking of Corbin Wale – Roan Parrish

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Let this beautiful book remake you too!

Review here.

6. Lilywhite Boys: Any Old Diamonds – K.J. Charles

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It’s very twisty and unpredictable. And so very clever!

Review here.

7. Tallowwood – N.R. Walker

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Intense, gripping and moving with just enough fluff to keep things from becoming too dark.

Review here.

8. The Vampire’s Club Book 4 & 5 – X. Aratare

* 。✰ ✧♡✧。♡〜٩(⋈◍>◡<◍)۶〜♡。✧♡✧ ✰ 。*

Review of Book 4 here, Book 5 here.

9. Paranormal Princes: The King and His Vigilant Valet – Charlie Cochet

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A grand and very sweet finale fit for the immortal king who started it all.

Review here.

10. Darkest Skies: Redemption – Garrett Leigh

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There were FEELS indeed!

Review here.

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