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SOUNDTRACK: Dance With Me by Alphaville

Soundtrack to Joker’s Sin: My Whole World by Davidson King

Check out the ballad version:

I’ve talked about why I chose a certain song for a book in my monthly wrap-up. I realized I should do it here or else people won’t know what I’m talking about.

For My Whole World (and the Joker’s Sin series as a whole), I wanted a song that had something to do with clubs or dancing. Dance With Me is from the 80s, a decade known for it’s hedonistic club scenes. It describes the experience in that very danceable new wave style. I could see this song being played in the Joker’s Sin‘s 80s night theme. The ballad version had a melancholy vibe that matched the lyrics that talks about losing oneself in a dance. This is Atlas and Toby caught in that moment when they were dancing on stage.

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