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MANGA: Neko Neko Baby

Neko Neko Baby Manga | Anime-Planet

Neko Neko Baby – Narazaki Souta

Spin-off of Neko Neko Honey

This is the story of Kai -the eldest brother in the Nekoya family and whom Kai was hit by the love of lightning – Suzuki Kyousuke.

Kyou-chan and Sai are university classmates and everytime Kai tries to confess to Kyou-chan but is always rejected. So, how far will this love affair of a sensitive brother from the Nekoya family goes? Will “beauty” Kyou-chan accept the affection of this frail brother?

Kai is a cat. Kyou is a walking talking catnip. You know how it goes.

I liked this better than the original.

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