BOOK TOUR: Improbable Bonds by Lily Michaels (Excerpt & Giveaway)

Unlikely Reunion
Improbable Bonds Book 1
by Lily Michaels
Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance
Book one in the Improbable Bonds series
Erik’s adolescent crush becomes a very adult relationship at his high school reunion.
Seeing his former bullies starstruck is definitely on Erik Stevens’ agenda for his high school reunion. Hooking up with someone is not. He has resolved to end the meaningless sex that has dotted his life, even though it fed his need to dominate. Now he is looking for a man—a submissive—for a relationship that will last forever.
But Erik hasn’t counted on Kyle.
For ten years, Kyle Lincke has cursed his repressed sexuality that, in high school, kept him from acting on his crush…Erik. As soon as he receives Erik’s RSVP’d ‘yes’ to the reunion, Kyle begins working up the courage to finally act on his desires, difficult for him to do following a disastrous break-up.
But six weeks of exploration into BDSM and small steps toward a deeper relationship are thrown into jeopardy when Erik’s fame threatens their bond—and Kyle’s fragile psyche.

I made circles on the back of his hand with my thumb and focused on the point of our physical connection while trying to find the words to show that our mental and emotional bond was far more precious to me. For the first time since I’d discovered the stronger side of me that was reserved for my personal relationships, I was unable to maintain eye contact with my partner.

“You knew who I was before…before I moved here, before the personal trainers and the skin care experts and the fashion designers laid their hands on me.” I found his searching gaze. “And you’re the only one to really see both sides of me, baby. So don’t think you don’t belong here just because of what this place looks like. You belong wherever I am.”

An adorable flush colored his cheeks. He opened and closed his mouth a few times, but no words came out. With zero warning, he stretched across the console of my sports car and devoured my lips. He darted his tongue inside, stroking, teasing and taunting my own. His grip on my neck was desperate and firm.

When we finally parted, our heavy, labored breathing had left a dusting of fog across the windshield. He ducked his head and offered a cheeky grin. “Didn’t you say something about getting off?”

A low growl rumbled the back of my throat. I pointed at the red door. “Go inside, up the stairs and turn left. The very last room is the master suite. Take everything off, lie on the bed and wait for me.”

He pushed out his lower lip. “Aren’t you coming in?”

I readjusted the evidence of my arousal. “I’ll be there in a few minutes. Otherwise, this is going to be over far sooner than either of us wants.”

Unlikely Match
Improbable Bonds Book 2
Book two in the Improbable Bonds series
Almost two decades of boxing couldn’t prepare Clayton for the biggest fight of his life—one that put love on the line.
Boxing had been Clayton James’ life for nearly twenty years, but the threat of a serious injury if he continued to fight forced him into retirement. Refusing to be down for the count, he carried his love of the sport into a new career as the owner of a gym. But low membership and a tightly stretched bank account mean he’s faced with closing his doors—or taking one more match to save his business.
The bullying that Tyler Kirk thought he’d left behind in high school not only managed to carry over into college but also seemed worse. Being older than the average student because of the years he’d taken off to rehabilitate his sister after the accident that robbed them of their parents didn’t lessen the attacks he faced. His chance to find peace was in the meaty hands of the finely chiseled and sexy-as-hell owner of the gym he hoped could give him self-defense training.
Neither man expected the adversarial start of their relationship to melt into something that quenched Clayton’s long-neglected need and one that Tyler wasn’t even aware he had. Nor could they prepare for the intense sexual chemistry that flowed between them to quickly morph their training schedule into a hot and heavy hookup routine.
But the risks of Clayton’s final match are amplified when it’s no longer simply his health and well-being on the line but also the love of a good man and the promise of family.

Steam from Tyler’s shower still blanketed the room in a dense fog, but the absence of running water made me confident that he’d finished and moved to the changing area to dry off and get dressed. I stripped down, leaving a trail of clothes behind me as I walked into the communal shower with purpose.

Until I found myself standing in a pocket of clarity, my gaze held captive by startled emerald orbs. My mouth turned into the Sahara and my tongue clung to the roof of my mouth.

He was a kid. His paperwork confirmed that he was only twenty-five, a decade younger than me, but the body standing before me with rivulets of water running down it belied the scrawny boy who was always swallowed up by his clothes. Tyler sported lean muscles on his arms and a hint of baby abs forming on his midsection that had been concealed from view until he was nude.

The first day, when he’d taken his shirt off to prove his assertion that he wasn’t a total shrimp, I had been speechless. But I was not prepared to experience a fully naked Tyler.

My breath stuttered on an exhale and my heart stopped. His abdomen was marred by bruises fading from the purple they had been the day after the attack into the yellow and green that signaled the healing of his otherwise-perfect flesh. Without thinking of the consequences, I reached my hand out, traced along an ugly imprint and winced. I’d had far worse myself after going rounds with various opponents—hell, I’d had worse after sparring with Joey—but seeing the marks on Tyler’s creamy skin did something to me, something I wasn’t prepared to think about.

“It’s okay.” His whispered reassurance cut through the thick air and I brought my gaze back up to meet his. He was battered and bruised and trying to comfort me? Someone who barely knew him?

I shook my head, my hand not leaving his side, and I took one step closer. “No. It really isn’t.”

Tyler smirked and arched a single brow. I barely bit back the groan that the innocuous action induced. “You wanna kiss it and make it better?”

A medical professional by day and writer by night, Lily is a huge believer in love being available for everyone. Her novels always include an over the top happily ever after for her characters.
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