Books as zodiac signs is a brilliant idea. Let’s do this!

Borrowed from Chelle’s Book Ramblings

ARIES: Name a book you’ve read that was full of fire, desire, and passion…

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In which a firebrand Radical and a Tory had a torrid affair without realizing that they were each other’s nemesis. When all was revealed and society tried to forced them apart. The struggle was FIERCE.

TAURUS: Name a book you’ve read that was beautifully written

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I had the impression that modern poetry are nothing more than glorified Tumblr quotes. Andrea Gibson showed me it could be powerful, evocative and beautiful.

GEMINI:Name a book you’ve read that featured twins


An Unsuitable Heir is the third book of the Sin Of The Cities Trilogy featuring The Magnificent Flying Starlings. Pen and Greta were trapeze artists struggling to wrap their heads and lives around the fact that Pen is the heir to an earldom. This is such a delicious trilogy written in the style of Victorian sensation novels, although IMO, not good as Society of Gentlemen. YMMV.

CANCER:Name a book you read that was a real tear-jerker

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I listened to the audiobook and Joel Leslie emoted the heck out of this thing. I could tell he’s really enjoying the story and wants the listener/reader to feel it too. My fave N.R. Walker book so far.

LEO:Name a book you’ve read that featured courageous characters..

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Two of the most courageous MCs. One who struggled with depression he almost drifted away and the man who stood by him no matter what and became his anchor.

VIRGO: Name a book you’ve read that was pure perfection

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A Soldier’s Scoundrel blew me away and The Lawrence Browne Affair was a solid 5 star. Ruin Of A Rake tops them both as the perfect conclusion to spectacular Turner series.

LIBRA:Name a book you’ve read that was neither good nor bad

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I really like the cover but the writing was super meh and nothing was happening. But I wouldn’t say that it was terrible because it had some elements I liked.

SCORPIO:Name a book you’ve read that was dark and mysterious

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I don’t know about mysterious but it’s certainly is dark. Starting from the first story of a maggot contemplating its existence to Elvis Presley’s spiral towards decline and death, each story in the collection taps into our primal fears.

SAGITTARIUS: Name a book you’ve read that was full of adventure..

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I love adventures but IMO, Monty, Percy and Felicity had one too many before getting to the point. Still I love this trio.

CAPRICORN: Name a book you’ve read that made you think


At the time of writing, I’m still thinking how to review this. Memoirs are always difficult to review.

AQUARIUS: Name a book you’ve read that was really quirky

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A super cute, super quirky and oh so fluffy story of Adam and how Tork slowly but surely wormed his way into Adam’s heart. The sequel, The Invasion of Adam, is even more adorable.

PISCES: Name a book you’ve read that was very imaginative

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I guess I’m one of the very few who genuinely liked this. This has all sorts of crazy going on, from the apocalypse, aliens, anthropomorphic animals and everything else you could think of.

Hope you had fun reading this. My sign says I have a fiery temperament so I’m right at home with A Seditious Affair. What’s your bookish zodiac sign?

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