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    MANGA: Kimi Wa Machigatteiru

    Kimi wa Machigatteiru – Harubaru Aruku

    Ootemachi Tokio is an elite businessman. When a bizarre dream forces him to pay attention to temp worker Takebashi, are Ootemachi’s days of being self absorbed over?

    A bittersweet ending to an almost romance???

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    SERIES REVIEW: The Killough Company Books 1-2 by M.D. Gregory

    The Killough Company is an Irish mob headed by Sloan Killough, an enigmatic and charismatic man who has no problems getting his hand dirty. He has a nephew, Fionn who is his heir to a company compose of mostly good looking mobsters who may or may not be sleeping with each other.

    Sloan likes having pets. He dotes on them and treats them as his beloved possession. He had 4 so far and most of them had tragic endings. That is until he met Conall Morrissey, co-provocateur of a brothel called Exotic Virtue.

    This series starts with the story of how the boss found his forever pet. The other books feature how other members of his company found their HEA.

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    1. The Boss – M.D. Gregory

    Conall Morrissey’s life is pretty bloody easy. He helps his brother take care of the whores at The Exotic Virtue, an exclusive high-end brothel owned by The Killough Company. They might not be earning as much as the other brothels, but if they make ends meet, the Morrisey brothers can get by fine. Until they get a visit from the boss of the mob who owns it, Sloan Killough.

    Sloan Killough means business. He’s brash, violent, and tough. He’s the boss for a reason and he doesn’t deal in excuses or exceptions. He visits The Exotic Virtue for a taste of his product, and when he sees Conall, he knows he must have him as his pet. When Sloan demands Conall on his knees, Conall’s horrified. He may be bisexual, but he’s not the guy who takes it. When his brother sells him like one of their whores, Conall has no choice but to submit to their boss if he and his brother wants to live.

    Being a whore to a mob boss isn’t what Conall expects. He fights Sloan’s orders at every chance he gets, but the boss seems to enjoy the fights, and has no problem in teaching Conall his place. Conall promises himself he won’t give in, but with each touch and taste, he finds himself addicted to the dark, dangerous man who could rip out his throat the very moment he gets bored of him.

    Trigger Warnings: This book is a dark romance. It contains triggering scenes which includes public humiliation, ownership, and violence. If you’re unsure whether you wish to read this book, feel free to contact the author for more detailed warnings.

    I first met Sloan and Conall in M.D. Gregory‘s Criminal Delights story, Sinner’s Ransom, where they nearly stole the show. My interest was pique by their unique relationship. Why would a man be proud to be somebody’s pet?

    I was super amused by the fact that Conall was comparing notes with a fellow Stockholm Syndrome victim, Monty, the protagonist of Sinner’s Ransom.

    I knew I had to dig into this further.

    I wasn’t disappointed.

    Sloan knew there was something about Conall the first time he saw him. He saw the fire in him and it was lust at first sight. Conall obviously did not want to be somebody’s pet. He’s a provocateur, not a whore for fuck’s sake!

    He did not want to admit, even to himself, that he found Sloan attractive. He tried to be as bratty and rebellious as he could be. But Sloan has his ways of disciplining a.k.a winning over his pet. You got to hand it to the boss, he can be quite irresistible in his own way as Conall was fast learning.

    The pet aspect is iffy if you think about it too much. And please do heed the warnings. In terms of ‘dark’, there were dub-con scenes that were uncomfortable, i.e. forcing Conall to have sex in front of an audience. Language is very non-PC, a lot of pussy and whores. However, the violence was not graphic, the torture scenes short and to the point.

    What makes this a winner for me was how progression of Sloan and Conall’s relationship was depicted. The development of feelings were authentic and left no doubts that the two men were a perfect match.

    4 Stars – minor quibbles but I loved it to bits

    Soundtrack: At Your Command
    Artist: Informatik
    Album: Re:Vision

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    1.5. The Boss’s Christmas – M.D. Gregory

    It’s been months since Conall Morrissey was taken and tortured by his boss’s enemies. But even though everyone is living in peace, at least for the time being, Connall isn’t content. Sloan has been keeping him away from business meetings, and Conall begins to wonder if Sloan is growing bored of him already.

    As a peace offering, Sloan decides to take Conall to Miami for Christmas. Getting away from the cold winter weather is the perfect way to relax and help Connall forget everything that’s happened. He wants to treat his pet, but Conall seems to be slipping further away, and Sloan fears his pet blames him for his kidnapping.

    Can they find a way to communicate? Or will their first Christmas be their last?

    This one’s cute and fluffy. As fluffy as dark romance can be.

    Sloan takes Conall to Miami for Christmas. The feelings were becoming strongly felt and obvious to anyone who has eyes. Still, Conall claims it’s just sex. He’s also being extra bratty and Sloan knew something’s wrong with his beloved pet.

    A Talk is in order.

    This is a fantastic epilogue to book 1. Nobody could mistake Sloan as weak but he could be a big romantic softie when it comes to Conall. The man would literally die for his pet. The Talk was squeetastic ~ ♡! They were adorbs!

    4 Stars – minor quibbles but I loved it to bits

    Soundtrack: The Fall
    Artist: Half Alive
    Album: 3

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    2. The Professional – M.D. Gregory

    Rourke Tormey lived and breathed for the Killough Mob. After his father doomed their family by betrayal, the only thing that kept them alive was Sloan’s leniency and trust, and Rourke made it his mission to prove to the boss that he’d done the right thing. So when Sloan asked him to run the Exotic Virtue, he worked his ass off to raise its standards and bring in more influential clientele. Falling in love with his highest earning professional isn’t part of his plan.

    Forrest Brassard grew up in a foster home. He knew what it felt like to not belong and joining the Virtue as a professional gave him what he always searched for—love, even if it was only from a different man every hour. When Rourke took over, it was lust at first sight. He wanted the Irish soldier.

    Their romance is forbidden. Between Rourke’s resistance and Forrest’s determination, the struggle of falling in love is one that both may lose. When a certain detective is out to bring the Killough Company crashing to the ground, they must work together with Sloan and Conall to make sure it’s her career that goes up in flames instead of the Virtue.

    Rourke was the guy who took over Exotic Virtue after Conall became Sloan’s pet. He is a no-nonesense man who loves rules. Sloan trusts him completely despite aspersions being cast on his loyalty because of what his father did before.

    Forrest was Conall’s ex and later bestfriend. He’s the highest earning professional in Exotic Virtue. He’s sassy, friendly and a caring big brother to the other professionals in the house.

    Forrest is a sweetheart and Rourke has a good heart. Both were likable characters I would like to see have their HEA. Their story was pegged as forbidden romance but sadly, the forbidden part wasn’t as strongly played as I would have liked. I didn’t feel any apprehension that some dire consequence will befall them should they start a relationship.

    I enjoyed majority of the book, mostly because there were a lot of Sloan and Conall appearances. We learn more about the inner workings of the whorehouse and the drama between the professionals.

    This was actually a longer book so I had assumed there was enough page time for a proper buildup and climax. Sadly, it was not to be. For some reason, the last 20% was so rushed it left me scratching my head. Maybe the author was going for a cliffhanger but I wish the last parts were done properly.

    3.5 Stars – that place between like and love

    Soundtrack: Sugar
    Artist: Garbage
    Album: Not Your Kind of People

    Even with a problematic ending like that I still liked all three books. The writing is easy to go through and for a dark romance, did not feel heavy at all. There was even a humorous undertone to the narrative at some points.

    While it’s highly unlikely you will get a mob full of good-looking men in real life, the Killough Company boys were worth knowing. I’m looking forward to the next books and definitely, more Sloan and Conall.


    If you like dark romance, check out Criminal Delights, a series featuring stories that are not for the faint of heart. Reviews here
    M.D. Gregory books here

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    SOUNDTRACK: At Your Command by Informatik, The Fall by Half Alive & Sugar by Garbage

    Soundtrack to The Killough Company: The Boss by M.D. Gregory

    Soundtrack to The Killough Company: The Boss’s Christmas by M.D. Gregory

    Soundtrack to The Killough Company: The Professional by M.D. Gregory