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Series Stuff was inspired by this post by Paperback and Planners. It lists the series I’ve started, those I’ve finished, the ongoing ones and those I couldn’t be bothered with anymore.

I wanted to do everything all together then realized it was going to be one long ass post because I have too many series in my reading list. I decided to break it down into four separate posts.

There are a LOT of ongoing series in my TBR and more to come because let’s face it, I’m a serial series starter. Finishing a series? Not so much. Some of those in the list, I’m already down to the last book but just had to procrastinate as usual.

Click on the links for the reviews.

For series I’ve started, check out Begin the Begin.
For series I’ve finished, see The Finished Ones.
For series I’ve discontinued see Series I Dropped

The Vampire’s Club by X. Aratare – I’m currently in the middle of book 6. I’m disappointed they changed narrators but happily, Kieran Flitton is doing good job filling in Ethan Holtan’s shoes.

Psycop by Jordan Castillo Price – I LOVE Vic. He’s one of my favorite ‘voices’ when it comes to POVs. But for some reason, I still couldn’t find the mood to pick up book 7, Spook Squad. Not dropping this. No no no. I swear I’ll come back, Vic!

Holmes & Moriarity by Josh Lanyon – waiting, waiting, waiting to hear news of whatever new mess Kit gets himself into. Expected publication of book 5, The 12.2-Per-Cent Solution, is 2021.

Warriors of Rome by Various – I’ve read the first book, Left Hand of Calvus by L.A. Witt, which blew me away. I’m not sure if the other offerings would be as intense but I wouldn’t say no to reading the other books.

Whyborne & Griffin by Jordan L. Hawk – I’m on the very last book. I would like to say I’m not yet ready to say goodbye to the gang but truth is, yes, it’s the mood thing again.

SPECTR by Jordan L. Hawk – I love Caleb, John and especially Grey but somehow book 6, Summoner of Storms wasn’t holding my attention. It didn’t help that I also wasn’t feeling the narrator style. Still hoping to get back to this someday.

The Artifact by X. Aratare – The first book had a measly 2-rating but I’m a sucker for X. Aratare so I’m sticking around.

Tyack & Frayne by Harper Fox – This is one of those series I put on indefinite hold while waiting for that spark of interest to reignite.

Nothing Special by A.E. Via – Definitely sticking around for God and his boys. My grabby hands are out for that Ex Meridian audiobook because of narrator, Aidan Snow.

The Shamwell Tales by J.L. Merrow – A series of enjoyable stories with British humor which I really liked. I’ve finished Caught! and Played!. I’m hoping I could do a series review of this someday.

Think of England by K.J. Charles – This was originally planned as a series but somehow ended up in limbo. I’m not giving up yet on the next book yet.

Hexworld by Jordan L. Hawk – I’m heavily invested in the fate of these witches and familiars, I couldn’t walk away from this series even if I tried

The Bounty Hunters by A.E. Via – Even with a problematic 5th book, I don’t see myself walking away from Duke and his boys anytime soon.

Unbreakable Bonds by Jocelyn Drake & Rinda Elliott – I love the Unbreakable boys too much to even consider dropping this series. Even if sometimes things get a little to OTT. I’m currently on Blaze, Lucas and Andrei’s second book.

The Art of Murder by Josh Lanyon – One of Josh Lanyon’s most riveting series that I’m happily committed to. I’m currently on the fourth book, The Monument Men Murders.

Green Creek by T.J. Klune – I’m howling with the wolves from start to finish. I need to get my dirty claws on Brothersong soon or I’ll go feral.

Blake Harte Mysteries by Robert Innes – I really liked this little British whodunnit series with it’s locked room mysteries and charming characters. I’ve finished book 4, Reach. There are ten books out already but I’d happily read ten more.

Bad Behavior by L.A. Witt & Cari Z – I thought the series was over but happily the authors decided to write more books. YES!!! THANK YOU!!!

Bureau by Kim Fielding – A paranormal series about various supernatural creatures. I finished until book 3, Creature. This is one of the best Kim Fielding stories for me so I have high hopes for the rest of the series.

Montague Siblings by Mackenzi Lee – Monty’s book’s good if a little too meandering for my taste. I’m just don’t like reading about journeys. Monty and Percy? I live for these boys! I still need to get my hands on Felicity’s and Adrian’s books.

The King & Alpha by A.E. Via – Truth be told, the stories were kind of OTT but that’s Ms. V for you. They also satisfy my yen for vampire+shifter mergers. Basically, I’m reading this for the characters.

Seven of Spades by Cordelia Kingsbridge – This is a very well-written serial killer mystery. The only reason I’m stuck in the opening chapter of book 4, One-Eyed Royal, was because I was annoyed with everyone sticking their nose in Levi and Dom’s relationship woes.

Ward Security by Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliott – Waiting for the audiobook of book 5, Killer Bond, because I always enjoyed Kenneth Obi’s narrations.

Hazard & Somerset by Gregory Ashe – Putting book 6, Criminal Past, on hold because Hazard’s POV got a little too much for me. I love these two dorks so when I get past my petty issues, I’ll pick this up again.

The Rowan Harbor Cycle by Sam Burns – I got stuck in book 4, Devon’s book because I was bored. Thinking of just dropping it and moving on to Jesse’s book.

Cold Case Psychic by Pandora Pine – I was kind of meh with the first book, Dead Speak, but since the sequel, Dead Reckoning, showed improvements, I’m sticking with this for now.

Big Bad Wolf by Charlie Adhara – I was stuck in the middle of Thrown to the Wolves for the longest time. Until, I had a sudden yen for Park and Coop’s dysfunctional dynamics once again. The ending was so worth it. Now I’m excited for book 4.

Witchbane by Morgan Brice – This is another series with just ok stories that for some reason I’m stubbornly committing to. I think the overarching thread was good enough but not sure for how long I would stick around.

Death and the Devil by L.J. Hayward – I love Ethan Blade!!! So much that when you say assassin, he’s the guy that comes to mind. I’m willing to wait for the audiobooks just so I could hear his voice.

Flesh and Bone by Joel Abernathy – This is a super intense and quite dark shifter series. The second book, Bleed, even edged towards horror territory. It was my favorite. Can’t wait to read the third book.

Badlands by Morgan Brice – Wow, just how many psychic procedurals do I have?! Well, here’s another one.

The Ellwood Chronicles by Michele Notaro – You couldn’t help but love the Ellwoods. Currently on the final book, The Enchanter’s Heart.

Pro & Cons by A.E. Wasp – Charlie’s boys are all lovable but I’m really here for Carson.

Game Changers by Rachel Reid – I love Rachel Reid’s hockey boys. Sightings of Rozanov and Shane are always welcome. Still hoping to get my hands on book 3, Tough Guy.

New Milton by Sally Malcolm – I was completely charmed by this series. Sally Malcolm is one of the few authors who can make me read pure contemporary romance and make me love it.

Soulbound by Hailey Turner – The scope of the whole series is so damn epic that quite frankly, I’m overwhelmed. I need to get in the zone first before I tackle the third book.

The ABCs of Spellcraft by Jordan Castillo Price – Very much here for more of Dixon’s and Yuri’s misadventures

Fog City by Layla Reyne – Rooting very hard for the Madigan siblings. I’ve actually just finished the final book, A New Empire. Will be posting the review soon.

Paul Monroe Mystery by A.P. Eisen – This police procedural has it’s own understated charm that keeps me excited for the next book.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks by Josh Lanyon – I really like this witchy little cozy and I’m excited to see where the author takes this.

Hope you enjoy this ever-growing list of series. How many series do you have on your TBR? What’s your favorite ongoing series so far?

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