SERIES STUFF: The Finished Ones

Series Stuff was inspired by this post by Paperback and Planners. It lists the series I’ve started, those I’ve finished, the ongoing ones and those I couldn’t be bothered with anymore.

I wanted to do everything all together then realized it was going to be one long ass post because I have too many series in my reading list. I decided to break it down into four separate posts.

This is a list of series that I, the moodiest of mood readers, actually finished! Halle-fuckin-luyah! Most series have only 3 books or so, so it’s easy to keep up. I only considered the primary works. Be warned there are a lot of K.J. Charles in there.

Click on the links for the reviews.

For series I’ve started, check out Begin the Begin.


Falling Sky by L.A. Witt – I enjoyed the first book, A Chip in His Shoulder, so much I immediately grabbed Something New Under the Sun. It helps that there are only two book and both were awesome so I was able to finish this.

Mnevermind by Jordan Castillo Price – This series was pretty much perfect. I stood no chance of resisting. This is the series that gave us that beautiful creature, Elijah Crowe.

The Auspicious Troubles of Love by Charlie Cochet – I don’t know if the author still plans to write more books considering the last book was published 2013. I hope she would, I love this series. I’m tagging this as finished as of now.

Speechless by Kim Fielding – another brilliant series published 2013. The author left enough openings if she wants to add more stories. I’m really hoping she’d would revisit Travis and Drew. I’m also tagging this as finished as of now.

Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat– Not only did I finished the entire series plus the short stories, I read them multiple times. That. Good.

A Charm of Magpies by K.J. Charles – Finished it. Loved it. Begging for more.

The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal by K.J. Charles – Finished it. Loved it. Begging for more. II

Mechanical Universe by E.E. Ottoman – a passable attempt at a steampunk series. I enjoyed the first book, A Matter of Disagreement but the rest were so-so.

Tork & Adam by Claire Davis & Al Stewart – One of the most heartwarming holiday series I’ve read. The first two books were the standouts.

Candy Man by Amy Lane – A contemporary romance series I was able to see through from start to finish. A rare feat because I’m not huge fan of the genre.

Society of Gentlemen by K.J. Charles – These are the books that gave us the foxy valet, David Cyprian. Another memorable K.J. Charles series that left me begging for more. If it’s not obvious by now, I’m a huge fan of the author.

How to Be by T.J. Klune – Love TJ for giving us outgoing asexual hipsters and their adorkable boyfriends. With two books released and no news of upcoming ones, I’m tagging this as finished.

Turner Series by Cat Sebastian – One of my most beloved historical series. I read this when I first started out in MM. I still remember various scenes up to this day.

Sins of the Cities by K.J Charles K.J. Charles has a way of making you commit to her books even if they’re not a favorite. Not that I’m saying Sins of the Cities is bad. In fact, it’s really, really good. Just not as clever as the others.

The Community by Santino Hassell – A series about psychics that not’s a procedural. My favorite was the second book. The first and third books were 2-stars but I cared enough about the psychics to see the whole thing through.

Agents Irish & Whiskey by Layla Reyne – I wasn’t even wowed with the stories itself but Layla Reyne‘s particular brand of sorcery was very effective in making me care about her characters that I finished the entire series. And the spinoffs.

Trouble Brewing by Layle Reyne – The spinoff that’s better than the original.

The Agency by Ada Marie Soto – I was so moved by this quiet little series that I wrote to the author.

Exit Strategy by Jocelynn Drake – Justin and Gabriel is my favoritest pair of mercenary boyfriends ever!

Bad Valentine by Various – This is a multi-author series with books opening with “Nothing good ever came of a Valentine.”. I loved all the stories except for book 4.

Well, it’s not as many as I would have liked but not as few as I have originally thought. How are you at finishing a series? What series have you completed recently?


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