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    MANGA: Kyou Anata ni Wakare wo Tsugemasu

    Kyou Anata ni Wakare wo Tsugemasu – Madarame Hiro

    In this tale of broken hearts and deception, three young men are caught in the protagonist’s web of revenge. Will the unknowing victims be consumed or is it the weaver of the web who will face the final retribution?

    So fucking sad because karma’s a bitch.

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    REVIEW: Within the Mind by Alice Winters

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    In The Mind: Within the Mind – Alice Winters

    Seneca is the complete package. He’s smart, sexy, and confident, much to Chevy’s annoyance. They’ve worked with each other for two years, and even though Chevy might secretly find his partner charming and attractive, playful harassment is all they have.

    Chevy was born with a unique gift that allows him to go into the memories of others. As detective, he uses this ability to find peace for victims who have been hurt or attacked. He delves into their memories and can pick out minute details that will help them put the criminal behind bars.

    But neither Chevy nor Seneca are prepared when they are asked to go into the mind of a serial killer in hopes of finding survivors. They are even more unprepared for the monsters they find inside the man’s mind. Drawn into a memory where it’s hard to figure out where the truth exists, they realize that there may be more to the serial killer than they originally thought. The dark world draws the two men together in a way they never dreamed.

    It will take everything Chevy and Seneca can give to stop the darkness that could consume their minds. As the two are forced to face what is keeping them apart, together they realize that there’s more to the mind and heart than either of them know.

    Within the Mind is a 90k word romantic suspense with lots of snark, an ominous gramophone, and finger cuddling, because we all know spooning isn’t as great as it sounds.

    A mindbending blend of hilarious WTFuckery and creepy AF mindfuckery.

    The WTFuckery comes in the form of Chevy Wright and Seneca Bates, detective partners for some unnamed agency. They have gifts, Chevy can access memories of people while Seneca can mimic any gift. When they’re not pretending to be upstanding, civilized law enforcers, they spend their time trying to one up each other in snark. Which is, like, 90% of the time.

    Chevy and Seneca are perfect foils for each other. The former is grumpy and very introverted while the latter is very flirty and outgoing. Seneca is forever declaring his love to Chevy. Chevy is forever announcing his disgust at Seneca’s antics. All the while, wanting him but giving up on ever having the man.

    I’m not an expert on this, but is Chevy demi? Because with all the innuendos exchanged by these two goofs, Chevy’s POV could have been written with many lust filled references. Instead, it was all about the longing and the pining. And the giving up because how could someone perfect ever liked someone as boring as him? Even when he was finally with the man of his dreams, he didn’t just immediately jump his bones. He took his time until he was ready.

    This was more effective in showing the depth of feelings in a relationship revolving around playful harrassment. The beauty of their relationship is that they bring out the best, and worst, of each other. The serious conversations between them are few and far in between but when they come, it’s right in the kokoro!

    The mindfuckery is courtesy of the artist/serial killer, whose gift is unknown but very powerful. The way the killer manipulated the mind so effectively it had me questioning reality. To the point I keep expecting that any jump from memory to current reality is an illusion. It was disorienting as hell. As if that’s not bad enough, he threw in creepy sound effects, endless hallways, and monsters in the dark. I got the heebie jeebies!!!

    And then at the end, when all the pieces come together, you’ll find yourself, quite unexpectedly, feeling sorry for the monster. All in all, it was a nicely done murder mystery.

    Within the Mind is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. The humor could be too juvenile to some but when you’re comfortable enough to show your weird to a person and he shows his weird back, that’s a rare and precious thing. That’s how I see Chevy and Seneca when they’re trading dumbass remarks. I just adore these two!

    The worldbuilding and character descriptions are not as detailed as I would have liked. I have no clear picture of what the characters look like exactly. Nor the locations. This could be intentional since we are seeing thing’s from Chevy’s perspective. His outlook could be a little blah.

    The gifts weren’t detailed as well. Just enough basic explanation is provided. Gifts are rare and so far, four were presented in the story. I expect more gifted individuals will show up as the series progress.

    Within the Mind is best read if you’re prepared for crazy characters getting themselves involved in many ridiculous situations. Situations ranging from there’s a six-legged arachnid woman with a face full of teeth coming after me to let me talk out of my ass like Ace Ventura, pleeease!!!

    It could be worse. We’ll find out on their next case.


    Alice Winters books here.

    4.5 Stars – perfection is only half a step away

    Soundtrack: The Memory’s Here
    Artist: Hot Hot Heat
    Album: Hot Hot Heat

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    “Why do you think you’re unattractive?”

    Why this topic again? “Because I am.”

    “You are not.”

    I look up at him. “That’s enough.”

    For Seneca, it’s never enough. “I love your smile. I love that most people don’t get to see it, but I get to see it all the time. You’re gorgeous and funny. I love being around you because I feel like I can be myself. I
    can joke with you, talk with you, and be who I really want to be. Sometimes, you’re so in your shell that you refuse to peek your head out.” “I would like to end this conversation here,” I say, more than slightly embarrassed.

    Of course he’s continuing. “I love your eyes—”

    “No.” I pull my shoe off and shove my foot between his legs, which instantly shuts him up.

    “Now I’m scared. Are you going to kick or be nice? You’re like a mule.”