This tag is all about books that hit a chord and made you a better person. It was originally created by Jen Campbell. I found this tag on The Coy Caterpillar Reads. Check out Yvonne’s answers here

WAVES – Ingrid Chabbert & Carole Maurel

I was never interested in kids. I would even heartlessly dismiss couples who struggled with having a baby by saying ‘why not just adopt’. This autobiographical graphic novel by Ingrid Chabbert was an eye-opener. It chronicled her and her wife’s attempts at having a baby only to lose each one. I learned it was never easy and the grief could be overwhelming. This graphic novel helped me understand a lot. I still think adoption is a viable option but I now know not to minimize other people’s pain.

GENDER QUEER – Maia Kobabe

Sometimes, you don’t know you were already living the life until you learn there’s a word for it. Like being a hipster before hipster was cool. Gender Queer is an autobiographical graphic novel by Maia Kobabe, who uses e/em/eir pronouns. Here, e explores gender identity and self as an asexual, gender queer artist. There were many things here that resonated strongly with me. Reading this felt like getting to know oneself all over again.

ON DAVIS ROW – N.R. Walker

On Davis Row is a beautifully written book by N.R. Walker. It is about a parolee who was dealt with bad cards in life and the parole officer who never gave up on him. It was a very sweet love story but more than that, it was about the power of hope, faith in oneself and belief in the innate goodness of people. An important lesson for someone like me who has a dim view of humanity

THE BOOK THIEF – Markus Zusak

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Written in the POV of Death, the book showcases the worst and best of humanity at a dark period of time. I read this at a time when I was feeling apathetic and jaded with things in general and it was one of the few books that made me cry.

These are few of the book that helped me get a step closer to being a better person. I hope I was able to make my dogs proud that I am their human.

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What books made you into a good human? What are your favorite eye-opening books?

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