BLOG TOUR: Stocking Stuffers by H.Q. Kingsley, Meredith Spies, Angelo Diaz, Denise Wells, Megs Pritchard, J.P. Sayle, Colette Davison & Alie Nolan (Giveaway)

An MM Holiday Romance Anthology
with stories by
H Q Kingsley, Meredith Spies, Angelo Diaz, Denise Wells,
Megs Pritchard, J.P. Sayle, Colette Davison, Alie Nolan

FIX ME UP by H.Q. Kingsley
Nettles Small and Ian Montgomery were best friends once upon a time…
Nettles Small has retreated to his old family cabin, isolated in the woods
for the peace and quiet he needs to write his dissertation. He
expects a full two weeks of absolutely no disruptions as he buries
himself in research and lab experiments. But when an outdoor
experiment goes haywire and his equipment explodes across the
mountain, knocking an unsanctioned snowboarder off his board, his
plans quickly change.
Ian Montgomery is on his way to the winter olympics. he’s trained his
ass off for years and finally made it. But
his way to shred down one of his secret slopes, Ian is unexpectedly
knocked off his board by an unknown object and the person who rushes
to nurse him back to his feet is someone he had never expected to see

JINGLE MY BELLS by Meredith Spies
Less than two weeks till the winter solstice and somehow it’s my fault
the witches have misplaced their damned bells. If they weren’t such
jerks about demon-borns being part of the Grand Council and their
plans, maybe they wouldn’t need to use the stupid things anyway. But
until they’re ready to admit that without us, there’d be no them, I
guess they’re out of luck. It’s just dirty pool to send Whitaker
Frost, scion of the Frost witch clan and sexiest man
alive ohmygods to my shop when I’ve been accused of
hiding those damned bells and endangering the witches’ annual winter
solstice ritual to maintain their powers.
No matter what Rowan thinks, I haven’t forgotten our encounter at the
summer solstice, and I know for a fact he hasn’t. The way he looks at
me when he sees me in his shop just before the winter solstice is
enough to set me on fire without the help of any of his demon magic.
I don’t blame him for being hesitant with me—I am a
witch, after all, and witches have been doing their damnedest for
centuries to keep demon-born out of magical communities and
gatherings. I wish he’d understand that I not only want him in the
council, but in my bed, my life…

Two online friends meeting up for an unforgettable Christmas vacation.
After facing some trouble back home, Declan was more than eager to spend
Christmas with his online best friend, Jake, in his hometown of
Winterwood. It was everything he’d hoped it would be. The town was
friendly, Jake was a ray of sunshine, and the spirit of Christmas was
in every corner. What he didn’t expect was the growing connection
between him and Jake. The more time Declan spent with Jake, the more
the line between friendship and something more started to blur. Maybe
the trip to Winterwood was exactly what Declan needed to find himself
again. Now, all he wanted for Christmas was to win over Jake’s heart.
Jake’s Heart For Christmas is a sweet and spicy Hallmark-style
Christmas romance featuring best friends becoming lovers, sexual
awakening, first times, hot kiss under the mistletoe, and a happy ending!

I’m the guy who never brings a date to a holiday party. But meeting someone
at one is a different story, apparently. The bartender I undressed with my eyes?
Whose touch ignited a fire in my soul when his fingers brushed
against mine? He’s the one I’m prepared to break all my own rules for.

ALL WRAPPED UP by Megs Pritchard
Crispin Jones had known Roan virtually his whole life, but when his
disastrous marriage ended, he began to see Roan in a new light. He
wasn’t simply his friend anymore. His feelings had changed to
something more.
Christmas was approaching and Crispin had decided that it was the time to tell
Roan the truth. The office party seemed the perfect opportunity.
Would Roan accept his declarations of love, or would Crispin’s admission
ruin years of friendship between them?

Can Christmas wishes come true?
Roman Austin is shy, more than a little geeky, and thinks he’s
overweight. Past experience has taught him that he’s better off
with his nose buried in a book.
Until the boy who left town years ago returns.
Donavan’s return makes Roman face what he’s avoided for years, himself.
With each new revelation, can Roman see what is right in front of him?
Will past secrets and a meddling brother stop Roman from finding love with
the one man he never knew wanted him?
A Christmas Wish is a standalone sweet gay romance, a small-town
friendship, and a guaranteed HFN.

ONE ROOM AT THE INN by Colette Davison
Travel photographer, Ellis, is driving home for Christmas, but a freak
snowstorm forces him to seek refuge in the Holiday Inn. He doesn’t
expect to meet his two best friends from high school there, or to end
up having to share a room with them.
Although eight years apart has changed them all, Ellis realises he still has
strong feelings for fit footballer, Zev, and loveable geek, PK.
A game of Never Have I Ever and a bottle of Applejack bourbon leads to
revelations about their feelings for one another.
Can anything be the same for these three men after an unexpected night of
One Room at the Inn is a friends to lovers, MMM Christmas romance, with
steamy scenes and lots of snow.

Henry isn’t a fan of Christmas and usually spends the holiday alone,
wallowing in self-pity. Until he gets drunk with his adorable,
awkward co-worker at the office Christmas party and somehow finds
himself with Christmas plans for the first time in years.
Callum is tired of his family setting him up with random strangers at
Christmas, so when Henry offers to pretend to be his boyfriend for
the holiday, it seems like he’s found the perfect solution… until
real feelings get mixed up into their fake relationship.

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